Can this work or complete FailFish?


I was gonna try a more-or-less full spirit warlock build. Then I realized I may not be able to equip even the caster gear at max level, effectively bricking the character. So quick question: Would you be able to equip some BIS gear if you had say 10 points max in physique? Don’t wanna level it only to find out the fact afterwards ^^

Low DA + Low Hp = One shot/Insta dead, gets frustrating

Technically yes…With Warlock, you might need more than 10.

However, if you try this, you will die…A lot. Unfortunately there’s a fair amount of situations where you WILL get hit by SOMETHING, so no matter how well you dodge, you’ll get hit at some point. Without throwing a ton of points into Physique, you’re not likely to take hits well.

And I’m reminded of the usual stat advice in D2–STR/DEX for planned equipment, all else into VIT. I’m also put in mind of Blizzard having to change the defensive quality of AGI in D3 to be damage reduction, rather than dodge chance. {sigh} It was mentioned elsewhere that the higher importance of Physique than Cunning or Spirit was considered to be something of a flaw in the game. Now I wonder if the flaw is inherent not to the game, but to the genre. (Then again, I don’t remember TQ having recommendations to put as much into HP as possible. Maybe I wasn’t looking deep enough into the forums…)