Can we dial down the regen affix "bias" on (non-regen)MI accessories?

i don’t know if there is an actual increased affix bias towards regen affixes on accessories or not
(like perhaps a “remnant” from the non-mi base rings/amulets etc ?)

but regardless, would it maybe be possible to dial it down either way?
(also doesn’t really seem to help that “Meditation” and “of the Sea” almost fills the exact same role)

been on my mind for a while, specially when farming belts, and ofc jewellery, regular RNGesus “unfitting” affixes aside, there seem to be a larger occurrence of the various health/mana regen affixes magick, or rare even,
-or is this all just a sad sad instance of “confirmation bias” from (repeated) bad RNGesus blessings? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

single pass on a current leveling toon going from Homestead to Darkvale Keep questing in 1 go

out of 9 bosses that can drop an MI jewellery, Mogara, Bloodbriar, Ungoliax, Bloodfeast, Gollus, Ravok, Bolvar, Zaria, Karroz
4 didn’t drop an MI,
4 dropped mana regen suffixes,
Bloodfeast dropped a Thawing of Blight, success :grava_yes:

doing ex ugdenbog jewellery trips, gargoyle waistguards, some boss runs etc, i seem to notice more than not, regen affixes, appearing where they are of “no use”/don’t want them,
in what seems an increased amount compared to other affixes - even regardless of “unfitting” affix syndrome (ex Zaria with no pet affix; or a pet+chaos dmg gargoyle waist)

so if there is a regen bias on jewellery/accessories, could we please dial it down for all the non-regen MI items?
and if there isn’t a bias, could we still dial down their propensity to appear on non-regen accessories “anyway”, somehow ?
(if possible at all?)

thank you for your considerations :bowing_man:

Yeah, sometimes it does feel like that those drop a bit too often. While not useless per se, they’re definitely the least exciting ones you can get - unless you make a health regen build and have all other stuff in check already.

Feels like energy regen should be a “base” stat for all rings/amulets. Well, like it is on “white” items, basically. “of Renewal” is also an energy regen one, so you get three chances of getting it instead of OA/DA/AS/CS/etc.

Maybe make some of them not spawn on high level version of gear, I dunno =\

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I believe so. Glancing over GT I estimate about 10-15% of all affixes for belts and jewellery have some kind of regen, and that’s pretty much consistent with the drop rate in-game, at least in my experience :man_shrugging:

I think thats normal for RNG during a single session. Just yesterday I saw one groble mob drop two offhands with the exact same prefix and suffix, and it wasn’t the first time something like that happened. RNG in videogames is never truly random, it always depends on the seed being used and then follows a pattern. I don’t know how and when the seed is determined in GD but if it’s right at the start of a session, it all makes sense.

that is bothering me as well, also with other pet items. It feels like MIs with pet bonuses don’t have any bias towards pet affixes at all.


i got few scorpius pummelers with one pet affix, but not a single one with two.

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You can do shopping

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it does drop with pet affixes
but in general certain pet items seem to be way harder to get pet affixes to appear/“proper functioning bias” compared to other items and their bias or pseudo “bias”

Baka even made a post about the korvaak fire sword for pets
i made a mention once about the hellhound offhand
even shopping for bloodsworn rings in BoC for pet affixes aint even always easy, much less Zaria necklace and ofc especially MI pet shoulders, which i’ve basically written off as GDstash “only” sometimes

the “unfitting” affix syndrome as i sometimes like to call it, not getting pet affixes on pet MIs, can feel rather troublesome at times; because these are items where 95% of other affixes than a pet affix is more useless
likewise a player dmg item, gargoyle waistguard or korvaak storm blade, are stuff where 99% of the time pet affixes are completely useless, with possible the exception of Dominators on armours because at least it provides resist
so at times it can feel like the bias isn’t high enough (pet affixes for pet items) and sometimes it’s not low enough (pet affixes on regular player items); because it just results in a useless/wasted item

which sorta brings me back round to the regen affixes, from my perceived experience they just happen way too often, like more than the 10-15% that they should, to the point i find it too annoying and finally made this thread
but, i also find particularly mana regen affixes, especially Mending(Sea does almost the exact same but with bonus stat), to be in the more useless/wasted item drop combo, than lots of other affixes; which then makes it worse/more sad, when the/my perception is that there is a “bias” towards it (from on appearance dropping more than 10-15%)

but in the same vein, i suppose we could say, could we also dial up the bias for pet affixes on pet items!?,
(and dial down the magick/yellow pet affix potential for non pet items !? :sweat_smile:)


In my experience as someone who plays Pets a lot, finding Pet affixes on Pet items is something quite rare. I tend to hoard every single Pet item with one Pet affix simply because i don’t know how long it will take to find another one. I tend to farm for certain items on shops (rings on BoC, Pummeler on Morg dungeon, etc) because farming directly from enemies tends to take way too much time. So, i definitely would like to see an improvement on the drops.

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a week or two ago, i got 2 zantarin shoulders in 1 sr run, and 2 kravall shoulders right after each other, 1 pet version and 1 player version of each
2x rare pet affixes, and 2x rare regular player affxies
problem was, pet affix on the zantarin shoulder was on the non-pet zantarin shoulder version, and pet affix on the kravall shoulder was on the non-pet kravall shoulder version :confounded:
… i almost cried :weary:

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Somehow I tend to get a lot of pet affixes on Benny’s shoulders and Grava’s panties. And yeah, pet affixes on “non-pet” Zantarin’s shoulders is also not unheard of.

As for pummeler, isn’t it a bitch to farm because the only pet affixes for scepters/daggers are of rare quality? Like, you can only get Wraithbound, or those weird ones like Heretic’s or whatever.

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ye it’s part of the problem
personally i’m not really of the opinion that adding magick pet affixes to those slots would be a good thing (imo the magick pet affixes are too poor/downright bad), but it was something that has been suggested
personally i just think they need to have their pet bias dialed up to compensate for the smaller useful affix pool to them,
-not like many builds will be eager to use a scorpious pummeler etc even with rare player dmg affixes; since they have no worthwhile stats for a regular player dmg build, and even pet hybrid probably wouldn’t be that interested in it either
^not saying it should be “impossible” for regular player affixes to occur on pet items at all, it’s still a good part of the RNG lottery, just that the propensity for (rare) pet affixes could perhaps do with an increase in “bias”(somehow if possible at all), since those particular items’ usefulness then depend on a combined affix pool that is much smaller, and is “wasted” when no pet affix land on the drop

compared to an “unfitting” player affix, lightning on fire weapon, or aether on fire shoulders, they often still contain useful stats like resist and attributes the build can still benefit from even if the affix isn’t 100% utilized
meanwhile, pet builds don’t have the same need for those attributes, and less so on the weapon slots

Well, I remember Zantai saying that there’s no problem with (at least) pummeler’s affix pool, so I guess getting acid damage on it is “working as intended”? After all, you ARE using Bone Harvest with Ghol set, arentcha? XD

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ye he did say that
but back when i pointed out the issue on hellhound offhand he said the same
and in 9.6 it will be fixed/have base pet stats applied after someone else pointed it out too :sweat_smile:

suppose one can hope that, “even if it is an acid weapon”, it gets taken into consideration that it’s actually a pet weapon, just like pet offhand is a pet item, and ofc should have a bias towards that “equally” regardless if offhand or “acid weapon”
(and yes i know there is a difference in adding base pet stats to an item that doesn’t have it, vs increasing the affix drop bias on item slots + for items that already have base pet stats)

really need that ghol set BH cdr so you can use your player devo trigger that can’t be attached to pets :smirk: :joy:

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I found one instance of a rare pet prefix not getting the proper weight modifier on accessories, which will be fixed.

Besides that, the weighted drops are consistent across affix groups. It’s about 10x the normal probability of getting a weighed affix relative to everything else, so I feel like there’s some skewed expectations. There’s nothing that says, for example, that Bargoll’s Core won’t roll acid modifiers on it. It is however 10x more likely to get a pet affix than those acid affixes when it’s rolling in that affix pool.

I’m not sure what exchange you are referencing, but it must have left quite the impression.

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don’t think it was an “exchange” as such, but probably more a note/mention i pointed out at the time, also unsure exact where/when that happened (just did a brief search)
if i had to guess, possibly a reply in someone elses “bug” report, about affixes
i think i recall a brief “talk”/post sometime ago about retal affixes on nemesis shoulders/legs etc ?
unsure if it was in that one i mentioned it
or maybe the “attack speed” vs cast speed drop rate annoyance thread about Theodin sceptre/forcewave cleaver ?
or even another
*def wasn’t a main part of the topic but just an added reply iirc about another “example” of where the affixes didn’t land as desired

but like i said, i do understand the difference vs fixing pet stats because they aren’t there at all, (since i don’t think that was my “direct” mention at all), vs pet affixes rarely appearing on said offhand, - even if possibly the two “issues” were linked?

well suppose we/players could perceive it this way then
if the pet affix pool is by definition smaller; it’s still a smaller bias than regular items
ex being that there are 5x acid prefixes and only 1 pet prefix (not counting the class fillers)
so an acid dmg player build will have a 5x higher likelyhood of getting a drop with his desired affix bias, but a pet hunter will have a much smaller; if the native pet bias isn’t increased to compensate for the smaller (applicable) affix pool

it’s then “worse” for pet builds, since non pet affixes is almost totally worthless to them, where even if a rare “unfitting” dmg affix rolls on a player build, it can still potentially be useful from parts of the other stats; but pets have 1 prefix and 3 suffixes in the pool, total, with “everything else” in between being a waste for them

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