Can we get a better dialogue portrait of Archon Barthollem?

All of his glorious face/helm is not shown :confused:

You’re assuming he has a face. :rofl:

ok ok ok but can we see the entire helm then ^^

the better request is… can we make archon barthollem in necropolis aware of the events in fg? specifically kymon’s betrayal and korvaak masquerading as empyrion. and whereabouts of empyrion. this is necessary since the attendant of the 3 can be made aware of the 3’s victory over korvaak, and mogdrogen in ancient grove is aware of it too.
of course, barthollem’s dialogue portrait needs to be adjusted slightly to center his helmet.

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I think they need to fit the quest line also for non FG owners, might be hard to have separate dialoges depending on if you have FG or not…

dunno how hard it is. i mean crate replace father kymon in the chosen hideout with a brother harsomethingsomething if player agrees to the emissary invitation and teleport to korvan lands once. and this man has almost the same dialogue with father kymon, mostly replacing kymon’s 1st person dialogue with 3rd person perspective.

Good idea, in fact… But the animation IS NOT the main plus of this great game, I guess the devs will not care so much about the looks of NPC or their portraits…

You have no idea what the devs care about or not xD
I mean it was important to improve the female chars posture :stuck_out_tongue:

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:smiley: Haha , read about this yesterday… :smiley:

His pose will be a little less aggressive and more fitting of the dialogue portrait after the hotfix.

I will go and talk with him again later then!