Can we get a custom mod (Grimarillion) class builds section?

I was wondering if a sub forum or something can be added for players to talk about or release builds on modded grimdawn that incudes additional classes. Like modding - class build section.

Grimarillion for example is a hugely popular compliation mod in the modding projects section of the forums, the mod has been out for a while and includes 21 additional classes and I am sure many players has created some very unique and fun builds around these but there isn’t a good place to share the builds for modded grim dawn.

EDIT: Modding discussion section barely has any class build discussions if at all, most posts are about problems with mods and people asking if a certain mod exists and don’t really think class builds should be mixed in with this section

Not gonna happen, there’s not enough mod players to warrant a new section. I’ve already asked for a new mod section to distinguish discussion apart from builds /help like 2 years ago but was denied. Just start your thread in discussion.