Can we get a "making of" Grim Dawn ?. interview?

It would be really interesting to watch some work of “documentary” about the making of
this amazing arpg that came out of nowhere and quickly gained a reputation of
being what Diablo-III never was .

I have searched Youtube and there are no real interviews with developers that speaks of
the journey that Grim Dawn took from kickstarter to early access on steam to release,
followed by 2 big expansions.

I have considered asking some YouTubers that casts about games, so approach CE
for a story but i figured i’d toss around some ideas or if anyone is interested at all about this ?.

Personally i find the art alone in this game is well worth some attention.

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Well, there are a few bits on Crate’s youtube channel - Arthur after the successful Kickstarter and some pre-alpha short clips of stuff. If you google Arthur Bruno Grim Dawn you’ll also call up some early interviews with him. They’re quite short though.

Rather longer (5 hours) is this video he did with ArchonTheWizard just after the alpha came out. It’s in two parts because the first suddenly stopped for no reason.

He not only talks about GD, but also has some interesting things to say about his time at Iron Lore working on Titan Quest.

Of course what we’re really waiting for is for Arthur to finish off writing “The Crate Story” the last of the Kickstarter goals still outstanding. I’m sure it’s going to be interesting reading. :grinning:

If you want a bit of insight into the journey then read the very early Development Updates if you can scroll that far.

That’s what I thought of when I read the thread title. Any news on that? I’m not a kickstarter backer but I’m still curious. I might be interested in purchasing it, if it sees an E-book release.

Nothing since this in November last year from big M.

"Omg the damn story… it’s going to drive me insane. Basically, I thought when GD released, I’d somehow have all this time because the pressure would be off and I could sit back and write the story for a while.

Of course, that’s never happened - while we’re not under as much pressure to get a game out and financially things are good, I now have to keep a team of people busy, I’ve still got my own development work that other people need me to finish so they can do their stuff, etc. Plus I have to handle the surprising amount of BS tasks that come up just in maintaining the business and employees. It’s insane all the stuff you have to do to be a “legit” business and comply with various state and gov reporting regulations, not to mention keeping up with taxes. There’s always some new thing every week.

So that said, I’ve been chipping away at it. I keep saying I’m going to just sit down and finish it and I worked on it for a day or two but inevitably things come up and it gets put on hold again. Then of course, more time goes by, so there’s more interesting things I feel like I should include…

Suffice to say, I really need to wrap it up."

Depending on the Kickstarter tier it’s either a PDF copy or a printed one. Frankly they should print some extras when it’s finally done. I’d love to buy a printed version to go with my PDF one and I’m sure a lot of other people would like to buy it as well.

I still think GD is a cinderella-story, a game that came from nowhere, developed by what… 3 ppl
at the start with alot of passion and a dream of a game. And now look where we are.
The art in Grim dawn is just staggerling to begin with, the storyline with all the notes scattered around
the world for the player to discover. I think Grim Dawn is a story in itself and deserves to be known.

I paid 100$ to get the preorder collectors edition of Diablo-III and i took a week off of work…
And i think i played D3 about 50 hours at most.

Needless to say i would’ve rather paid TWICE that for a collectors edition of GD, 1000+ hours and still enjoying.

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