Can we get a second item that boosts bleed damage on Upheaval

As title says.

Upheaval has very little item support, and a lot of it is not lightning or bleed (2 sets, 1 weapon (fire) one medal and a conduit)

If you go full-on bleed, you cannot rely on Upheaval as your main damage dealer for crowds. The only Items that helps you is Mark of Consumption and Avenger’s Crusher. So Upheaval will always remain a “nice to have” for bleed builds.

Now, just tacking on more bleed through various pieces of equipment won’t make that interesting.

But having just one WEAPON (outside of Avenger’s crusher, for which Bleed is an afterthought) with mods for it would mean a dedicated build. It could have a few proper mods to make Upheaval the star of the show, something along the lines of what Troll bonecrusher does for Feral hunger)

There is some possible room on Mythical Guillotine, on Nadaan’s reach, Ugdenbog boltthrower, or on Korvan Reaping halberd (got to add bleed damage to it too)
(There are surprisingly few 2-handed weapons in the game that deal Bleeding damage, which is strange considering the focus Shaman has on both these things)


why not tho ? :thinking:

and how would that change it?
upheaval already has bleed
an upheaval hit already provides atleast 3 sources of bleed
all a modifier would do is slightly add more dmg to the upheaval source