Can we get tomes held the right way?

It shows how good this game is that this is my biggest complaint as of now about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It just bothers me that we have so many cool looking off-hand books and tomes, like the Grimoir of Og’Napesh, Codex of Truth, Fiendgaze Tome, Helltome - all of which have a great sculpted detail plus visual effects on their cover!..

… which we will never see since our characters grips the books by the spine and holds the cover TO the body, as opposed to away from it. :smiley:
So all these cool details, they are never seen, and we only get to see the less interesting back cover of the book.
It would be simple I feel to flip tomes around so their cover faces outside, away from the body, so we can see the details. Just a thought.

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Been raised before and iirc Zantai’s response was “There’s a right way to hold a book? :eek:” :smiley:

Wait… the cover would be on the right hand side. So holding it like that, shouldn’t it show?

Unless the book is being held upside down…

…The right way to hold a book is upside down? :open_mouth:

i actually agree with OP, holding grimoires with the cover out would be great. Spine of the book in the palm. Also makes sense because this is how it would be held if you were going to quickly look at the contents, which I guess it what we’re imagining our characters doing.

Nah, I checked, you can hold a book in your left hand, by the spine with the cover facing away from you. It would totally work.

Yeah, pretty much, I mean I imagine they would open the spellbooks when casting spells. :slight_smile:

I kind of agree with the OP. Atleast when you get in combat mode i dont know ,open it up and look the same way as occultist does in his class image
As it is now it looks like he is holding a wooden plank

OK now you guys are getting carried away, flipping the mesh is one thing but changing the animation so they hold the book open isn’t going to happen…

Sword + board uses the same animations as sword + tome, you won’t see the open book caster in GD ever. Not unless you want the the player to attempt to read a shield in combat as well.

Yeah he did say this. I also don’t know what do people mean with “holding a book the right way”. Irl, I saw only one person holding a book like in OP’s screenshot, all others literally held it the other side, where the book opens. When I asked why they hold it like this, they responded that it doesn’t open and isn’t uncomfortable when you walk (it can open a little and some pages might get damaged while walking).

Pretty sure it’s never getting fixed, that’s why I always use “bound wraith” or its red legendary counterpart transmute (but +1 to suggestion just in case).

D3 did it right - Sorc had orbs kinda floating above it’s open palm - looked cool.

I was just talking about imagining the book being opened, to justify flipping the model around to position that would facilitate that. I think being able to see the cover is probably reason enough, if the change isn’t an issue technically.

Wait… I got left and right confused… :o

Damn these things are tricky…

Yeah that is unlikely to happen, the model was not made that way. But flipping the mesh for the books, that’d not be a gigantic change.

Happens to me all the time too. :smiley:

D3 has book off hands too, they float above the hand the same way.
I generally do not use the illusionist, I prefer to have my character show what he/she is really wearing.

What if she is wearing Maw of Despair? How can you be so cruel to her?

Maw of despair is top tier fashion, by the way

The OP is completely right. It’s good to judge a book by its cover. :stuck_out_tongue:

But that helm looks awesome. Curly horns… all the evil knights want curly horns on their helmets. :slight_smile: I don’t own the helm yet so I never seen it on a character though.

There absolutely is a wrong way to hold a book, it looks like this:
The right way to hold a book would be any way that isn’t the wrong way.

As for the actual topic, it would be nice for the mesh to be flipped so that we can see the covers of the books while they’re being held.

I support this as well.