Can we sell horses?

Just coming back after a short break and am enjoying the new stuff with 9.2. If we start the stable, can we:

  1. Raise horses the same as cattle? (Meaning can we buy two horses and raise more with a stable?)
  2. Can we sell horses?
    Was scouring and couldn’t find anything on whether we could raise/sell them.

Any info is appreciated.

You can raise horses so long as you have enough staff in the stable and until the stable is full, then they won’t breed any more so I understand since they’re meant for lancers to use. Also you can’t sell any animals in the game, only buy them.

you could butcher the horses and sell the meat.

thx for the response…appreciated

Could we start a kind of Horse reserve system? They breed at 2 per year at 10/10, so perhaps we could connect Stables to the Cavalry Barracks to spend in advance to give us the Cavalry units as soon as the excess horses are born?

It could really help automating the system and avoid having to reduce and increase workers each year, which is where we’re at currently.

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