Can you get Alkamost lvl 94 rings from turning in Wendigo spiritsat Bella Fald?

getting a pair of lvl 94 rings is a nightmare - maybe its better to just gdstash it…


This is the grindiest grind in the game, I have over 2k hours played and only found one purple ring, it’s a bit silly. I’ve found I think 6 or 7 soulrends during that time.

I’ve farmed 2 sets of the rings, and have an extra Touch of Dread. It’s really not that bad, but MI pants on the other hand…

The combined chance for the rings is 80% of soul rend’s. it’s just rng screwing you. If his level exceed’s 116, you cannot get the rings to drop. interesting if his level hits 120, he has no chance for any of his unique loot

I actually have found 1 set of purple rings and 2 set of blue rings in my 1400 gameplay. Lol. I think I am not that unlucky as I used to think…

To get one perfect purple ring with 18% Pierce>cold conversion though… That require a bit more effort…

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Alkamos’ Touch of Anguish (Level 94)

Alkamos’ Touch of Dread (Level 94)


/10 chars …

I rephrase my statement… “A LOT” more efforttt

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I wouldn’t take the numbers in grimtools for granted. I’ve talked to a few people who successfully farmed either or both Alkamos rings and Outcast Secret. Each one of them (including me) were getting over 5 times more Outcast Hoods/Soulrends then they statistically should according to the numbers in grimtools.

I love grimtools but it’s very unlikely that at all of the drop rate values are correct.

Might be time to start investing in some lottery tickets. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got both rings relatively close together ages ago. Haven’t seen a single one since. Good job most of us like SoT as a dungeon at least. Imagine having to repeatedly farm somewhere shit. :eek:

I’d say there is no harm in buffing the droprate. But then again obsessive grinders would complain that their wasted hours are now… wasted.

4k hours and I still don’t have Worldeater.

I stopped farming for it now, because it’s also my least favourite dungeon.

The rings certainly could stand to have their drop chance increased. It’s pretty bloody low.

Thanks all for chipping in - i will give it a few more days to farm and if unlucky i will gdstash them (have the Dread ring with an OKish roll).

Probably this will be easier in FG since all these areas will have mutators resulting in increased drop rates.

I have 3 purple lv 75 and a couple 94 rings, keys spent were about ~ 70 keys for 3 lv 75 rings , and 60 keys for those 94.

I got 3 level 94 rings after ~24 hours of farming. Yes, I got this set before I got my first ever Soulrend.

What lvl should Alkamos be for him to be able to drop lvl 94 of those ring set?

If that’s true than maybe my assessment above is wrong. You’re the first person I’ve heard of to whom it ever happened. I got a dozen soulrends and never got neither the dread nor the anguish (I did maybe 200 runs judging from my pre-AoM mat stock). All of the people I talked to got about 5-10 soulrends before they dropped either.

Alkamos is THE items that makes people start GDStashing. Especially when it’s a part of one of the most popular concepts in the game: RoH. Increase the drop rate? Definite yes please. GDStrash does kill the game in a way.

I found my pair of purple lvl 94 alkamos rings after ~490 runs. Got 3 near-perfect Soulrends in process.

I’d want a near perfect soulrend :frowning:

Unbelievable - just after approx. 40 runs i got both lvl 94 rings with 17 conversion rolls (rest are OKish)…

And i never never win on lotteries and RNGesus in general hates me!

Maybe its my Christmas gift :smiley: