Can you kill the boss inside the Heart again?

Final boss of AoM is he a one-time only? it’s locked now

You can, but you do have to restart the game. I don’t recall having troubles entering it when I did it a 2nd time, but you might try destroying the 4 vents if it won’t open, and the mobs outside the entrance to the building. If you are at the final opening to his room, kill the bosses in that zone, there are 2 I believe, and they have to be killed in a normal run through.

I know I have done it, I just am not sure why you are locked out, but those are possible solutions.

There are two ‘gatekeepers’ in the area you need to kill to unlock the door.

Ah ok thx! I’ll try that

As someone said you need to kill the ‘gatekeepers’ first, however, the end boss drops are so dire it is hardly worth the time getting to him.

I wouldn’t bother unless you are already in there to kill Krieg for parts of his set.

the only reason I pay that dude (final boss) a visit is the soundtrack…