Can your play with someone who has the game In GOG if i have the game In Steam?

Well, im kinda new In the gane, i recommend it to some friends and one of those bought it, but In GOG so i tried the last time to play with him but i couldn’t, i didnt know if it was the connection or i just can’t bc he has the game In GOG

Crossplay has been enabled since March, but you might need to look into your configuration:

Also all of you need to run the same game version. And if some have more expansions that the other(s), then they need to disable them using the launch options /nogdx2 (for FG) and /nogdx1 (for AoM and FG) - this won’t downgrade chars from FG to AoM respectively from AoM to base game, so these players need dedicated MP chars.


Then how to search players from GOG in multiplayer ???

You search for sessions, so the host needs tell other party members the name (and password) of his session / server / game.