Canister Bomb using... an MI?

Um hi.
So I got this amazing Infernal Moltenclaw Slicer of the Flamecaller!

This requires a build.
Problem is, NONE of the FG builds for Canister Bomb even USE a weapon. We got Ulzuin set which some people like @rektbyprotoss use entirely, making my MI useless.
I can’t even figure out a 2nd mastery!
This is what I got so far and I am pretty sure Commando is a shit version. Pretty sure Sorcerer or Purifier would fare better.
Anyone with some brighter ideas? I got so many decent MIs gathering dust and I think it’s time I put them to some use.

Not sure about commando

menhir will do not work with off-hand

Oh no, Commando was just so I see big OA/DA Numbers.
The Menhir’s is the LEAST of my problems. I bet the Resistance Reduction shred is the top priority here.

Try pyromancer for a challenge :slight_smile:

That is a superb Slicer. Even the conversion is top notch :+1:.

Sorcerer/Purifier are without a doubt going to be better but if you or anyone else reading happens to be deadset on Commando then I have a feeling this will do better. Also gives a reason to take Soldier as well. Points can be readily pulled out of Ulzuin’s Chosen and Demo’s mastery bar into War Cry if more defense is wanted/needed.


Looks fun.
Perhaps ulzuin wrath for damage reduction on monster that get hit?

SB is the class you’re looking for, insane affixes. Paging @Crittrain

Video: Crucible Shieldbreaker



Could also work. Devotion can also be shifted around to take Twin Fangs instead of Giant’s Blood if a reliable proc skill is found for it.

Cocktail is nice, if transmutator. I love it

I was gonna suggest shieldbreaker aswell :smiley:
Purifier is decent, but it lacks mobility due to seal.
Sorc is great, but lacks RR.
Shieldbreaker has mobility, RR and most %dmg, so overall it’s the best class for bomber builds imo. It just doesn’t have mirror/nullification.


OK, this seems to work. But I gotta figure out the piloting.

With shieldbreaker you need to make sure guardian aura is near monster, with purifier you need to be near monster for censure aura. for moiblity you can use medal skill

You can do that on any class.
What I mean by “purifier has bad mobility” is that you have to a) be in range of AoC and b) either stand inside the seal or not use the seal (and lose the best defensive skill inquisitor has).

Compared to that shieldbreaker has vire’s might and ascension and sorc has mirror/nullification. All of which you can freely use while kiting without having to worry about a seal in which you should stand inside.

Ya, you take that baby put it on a shieldbreaker and go ham .


Infernal Knight seeing this


Lucius had 0 chance.
Once I pilot this baby to an acceptable standard it seems really fast. And the show is amazing!

There was a pretty solid spec made by @Crittrain. I think you can find it on @romanN1 youtube channel. It’s 3 or 4 piece Ulzuin + this mace. Pretty monstrous.


Oh I did! I want to thank @Nery and ofc @Crittrain for their input.
Whenever I see you guys commenting on this Forum it’s like my favorite streamer giving me a personal shout out. You people are awesome!