Canister/Grenado, 4/5 Ulzuin, Barrelsmith Guns, SR66+

The Lightning Asplosionator!!

I’ve been playing Grim Dawn for quite a while, but never felt motivated enough to actually post a build I’ve made. This build surprised me so much with it’s performance, particularly the damage, that I felt I should finally post one. I did SR 66, just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind during campaign as to how strong it is. I’m confident 150-170 and SR 76 is easily doable.

This is my ideal I landed on. I struggled greatly with point distribution. It could certainly be changed a little bit to increase regen/hp at the cost of some offensive stats.
Ideal Grimtools

I noticed it would be easy to do a budget version with literally any affix you happened to have for the two greens. You simply lose OA/DA/hp, but the stats are still solid.
Zero affix greens Grimtools

To start with, recommend simply using the Searing Ember/FlintCore bolts component skills, weaving in Grenado/flashbang and eventually Wind Devil. I would stay with a caster offhand early on as your savagery attack damage isn’t super relevant, even at 94+.
Canister Bomb is extremely underwhelming, see: trash tier, prior to getting the level 68 version of the Barrelsmith Guns (which converts all the fire/burn for you)

Impressive OA
Savagery and Ring Proc up, add 250 effective OA for flashbang.

Huge Hits
This happened prior to entering any SR during campaign solo. Somewhere near Logh I believe.

HP Regen Sustain
HP regen with Giant’s Blood / Tree proc’d

Leveling Highlight
Had to stop and laugh for a while when I got really lucky with chain Grenado/Canister procs on Ekket’zul in ULT, and spiked to a ridiculous DPS. Especially considering it’s a single target fight using AOE skills. Fight was legitimately 3-4 seconds long.

Extremely active playstyle, with high skill cap.
Gigantic hits non DOT crits
Extremely high AOE potential
200k+ DOT ticks
Wind Devils and Flashbang combined CC make for easy kiting on harder groups.
1600 HP/s regen with only Savagery buff active.

You mash a million buttons, if you don’t like that sort of thing.
Armor not super great, so some melee mobs can hurt.
Trap/Freeze resist not very high. Benn’jahr/Moose with bad combos could potentially be a problem.