Cannot complete forgotten gods - help

I am currently on “The Eldritch Sun” quest of forgotten gods. I am instructed to use the sigil of the three to open the eldritch gate. However, I do not have a sigil of the three in my inventory, and no part of the quest indicates where it is acquired. When I click the icon to use the sigil and open the gate, the only option I have is to walk away.

I have scoured google and grim tools and every resource I can find, and nothing tells me how to get the sigil of the three, please help!

Have you done all the quests that your Witch God ally has given you? There should be 2-3 given to you at the Conclave and then the main person moves to the Vanguard of the Three where they’ll give you some more, the last one being the one where they give you the Sigil to open the gate. I’d link the relevant quest in the wiki, but that’s down atm.

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you got the sigil “way back” at the Vanguard of the Three when you initiated that quest
if it’s not in your inventory you must have either had full inventory when you got it, or accidentally trashed it

i can’t remember if there is a failsafe to get another sigil ( you could return to Vanguard of the Three and try your faction NPC)
if that doesn’t work, and it’s not in your stash or tugged away in your last bag tab, then your only option might be to use character editor tool and spawn the sigil, ex GDstash can do this

Ahh, I went back to the vandguard of the three and there is an option of “i’ve misplaced my sigil” and she gives me a new one . Thanks, you helped!


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