Can't assign skills on quickbar

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I need help with allocating skills on quickbar. I put skill points on Circle of Slaughter however when I’m about to put it on quickbar, the skill isn’t appearing. Is there something I need to do?

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Circle of Slaughter is a synergy to Ring of Steel so Ring of Steel is the skill you put on the quickbar or RMB.

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Does that mean that the skills that Circle of Slaughter will add or stack with Ring of Steel?

Also, if we’ll follow that route then the same goes with Squad Tactics? Because it is synergy with Field Command? Am I right?

Yup… any skills connected with a line to another skill, like so…

… are tied to the base skill. See how Ring of Steel has a square icon? That indicates that it is an active skill. Skills that have circular icons are passive skills. As you can see Circle of Slaughter is a passive AND it is tied to its base skill, Ring of Steel.

Don’t forget to go over the Game Guide sometime.

It has tons of basic and in-depth information, including how skills work:

You also have Tutorial Tips in the game. If you disabled them or just ignored them initially the information they provided can always be accessed again by hitting the H key… assigning skills is the among the first things in the list:


Yes, the same for Squad Tactics. It’s a synergy of Field Command. So Field Command is the skill that goes on the quickbar.

Unlike Ring of Steel which is an Active skill as powbam said which needs to be hit to activate it every time you use it, Field Command is a buff so once you’ve hit the key to activate it you don’t need to do it again, unless for some reason you get debuffed by a foe.

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WOW!! I learned something new.

Thank you so much guys. I appreciate it.

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