Can't beat Lokarr with my Spin2Win Shieldbreaker. Please help

I’m playing an Eye of Reckoning Spin2Win type of build and am getting my ass handed to me while I try to farm Lokarr’s set to use on alts. I’ve got my resistances overcapped to what I thought was a fantastic level but Lokarr will shred me in seconds…

Please help me fix my build.

Grimtools to my build.

The build guide I kinda/sorta followed.

phys res low + low armour absorb
OA low
DA low
^he lowers your DA via a debuff so he crits you
hp low (because of the other factors, fix those and 13k hp is fine)

having low OA means you aren’t hitting him so much = less lifesteal hits too, so less healing

lokar does some phys dmg on top of his fire(fair bit of phys dmg actually), so having low phys res + low armour absorb can hurt despite fire lightning overcaps

as a side note, you should really really consider getting solael’s witchfire devotion for a wee bit more fire resist reduct


side note, you can’t trigger phoenix, because you have it bound to mutilate, a WPS; which wont proc when you use EoR!
suggest you take something like Vire’s Might with Volcanic Stride and bind Phoenix to that

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i tweaked one of Nery’s end budget suggestions to include devos you had already leveled, while getting some of the new fire stuff like witchfire (and meteor) - while rebinding phoenix to vire’s might

most of the things in Nery’s guide are super easy to get, you can straight up buy most of the stuff
legs and gloves you can craft replacements, or you can target-farm these legs super easy Solael-Sect Legguards - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database
you don’t have to farm a belt and necklace with those specific affixes, just be mindful of your stats and make sure/pick the belt that fits best affix stat wise

you can look up the items in grimtools item database if you don’t know where to obtain them
chest can be target farmed too,
helm is a guaranteed spawn 1x per character
shoulder, rings, you buy from faction quartermsters, medal you buy blueprint from faction and craft
boots you don’t need because the legendary you have are nice, but otherwise they can be bought too from faction if you can’t plug resist without

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Thank you for your help!

After many hours of farming gear I was able to use the advice you gave me to score a kill (plus using potions). Here’s the build I was able to get. I wasn’t able to locate Legplates of Valor at all though. Grimtools doesn’t have a location.

I know what I’ve got is far from perfect but it should get me the full armor set that I can slap on an alt that I can build better.

Side note: am I right in thinking that OA is more important than resistances even if the end goal is always to have overcapped resistances?

like i said, you can craft replacement legs(like you did) so no worries, or targetfarm the soalel sect pants (super easy),
^the Legplates of Valour are random drop

OA is not more important than resist :sweat_smile:
without adequate resist, you die/take more dmg than you can handle
you will always at minimum have 60% chance to hit (but with a dmg penalty if so low), regardless of your OA.
OA gets diminishing returns rather fast, more so depending on build, but it shouldn’t be that troublesome to get decent hit rating without too many sacrifices, and even 100% hit rating “on average” shouldn’t be tough to obtain while maintaining resistances
if the sacrifice is 5% resist for an absurd amount of OA, ofc that’s gonna be a worthwhile tradeoff in favour of the OA, but usually the trades aren’t that huge, but once you’ve reached the 30’ish overcap desired, starting to value OA more than couple more overcaps to go from 30-40, then increasing OA instead isn’t that bad a potential choice

I completely meant to put DA instead of OA… but all of that is really good to know about OA.

DA has even less priority, unless you’re on HC, you can get away with relatively low DA in most cases, even against something like Lokarr,
Resist+Overcap i’d def say is more important than starting to rack up high DA, 2400 is a fine place to start, 2k is plenty for Ultimate MC/leveling, you can often “counter” low DA with some fat HP or more defences elsewhere for when you get hit big

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