Can't decide! Warlord or Shieldbreaker

Hey Folks!

Back in the game and playing HC. I’ve really been digging my EoR Oathkeeper. Especially enjoying Judgement + Hearth of Wrath + Fleshwarped Defender and all the fire damage. However, this is my first HC character, which means I’ll be heading to 100 and likely using it for farming. Malawiglenn recommends Physical Warlord because it’s easier to gear but a Commando just seems to synergize more with my current fast paced play style. However I’m worried that Blast Shield + Ascension just wont be enough to keep me alive thought Elite bosses.


Both Warlord and Shieldbreakers are sturdy if their build correctly. Warlord is the class everybody recommends for trouble less journey.

I will give you another example-Paladin. You still have Ascension, but on top of permanent Seal+healing spell, flat health and damage reduction from Censure.

Hey Nery. I was considering Paladin too just for censure is an amazing skill. Do you find that Seal competes with Ascension for DR?

Don’t know what’s DR, defensive rating?

But Seal is permanent and have nice damage absorb. Of course it requires precision to position it directly beneath you. Also it’s not super useful for fast speed style. But for defense it’s excellent mechanism. The question now is how much damage one can muster from Paladins’ offensive spells. But at least you have multiple options.

My bad, Damage Absorbtion. It won’t stack with Ascension.

Flat sources of damage absorb do stack. That’s why imagine having constant seal+Ascension damage absorb on top of the Inquisitor seal, sweat!

I don’t recommend either for HC. I have a few top geared warlords and SBs, speaking from experience. The ones that really excel in HC require quite a bit of gearing and aren’t good for first char play through.

I still stand by my original advice - commando. Slow? Yes. Reliable? Hell yeah!
I’ve made a clone of Aikimox’s Immortal Commando and was able to beat every celestial in the game. All in HC.
You need survivability that is not cooldown based or at least reduce the CD window to minimize risk of dying. Farming endgame gear with a char that can’t survive reliably is a bad idea. Not to say that it’s impossible. I’ve done it myself multiple times using glassy experimental builds. But I don’t recommend this for HC beginners.

If you are still locked on Warlords, go for speed then - Physical EoR

True. I have a strong love + hate relationship with the seal. You get used to it too quickly and it can cost you a good toon in HC.

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IMO - it’s positioning, positioning, positioning. Mutators can fuck with your HP. Debuffs will cripple your armor. Enemies can lower your resistances.

But nothing can affect your positioning.

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