Cant deliver food

I have done all the quests for the guy at Homestead and cleared out all the creatures from the farms. However he wont give me the food as my rep isn’t still high enough. Any ideas on how to get my rep higher.

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if you have AoM, you will kill plenty of beasts there to get reputation up. Then you can go back to Homestead and finish this quest.

Have you done the Culling the Swarm side quest?

That quest is not enough, one need honored reputation with Homestead to deliver the food afaik

Well, that’ll give you 1,000 rep with them. Can’t really help much more since I don’t think I’ve ever not been able to finish off Douglass’ quests just by doing what he asks.

He kinda says that the fields are still not safe.

I have done the culling Swarm.

Do some bounties then from the Homestead bounty table