Can't Find Ch'thonic Nemesis

Does anyone have a decent farming route to check for the Ch’thonic Nemesis? I’m trying to get some warrants for some alts and I’ve only seen this guy once is all of my playing. He surprised me when I was just starting Ultimate and he spawned in the Depraved Sanctuary. I’m conducting my runs in Elite just because clear speed is soooooooooo much faster and I’m just looking for the warrants. Does he show up at certain spawn locations more than others? Does it change on difficulty levels? I tried searching for some good routes (my skills aren’t that great and sometimes these things get buried in threads) so maybe this has already been talked about. If so, I apologize and would appreciate a link to that discussion!

I was using the locations in this thread as my guide (seems pretty up to date): even following the locations on the maphack link towards the end of the thread.

This was the path I was using:

-Check Sorrow’s Bastian
-On foot from Sorrows run to end of Darkvale gate checking all marked spots in blood grove, Darkvale village and both floors of the Darkvale gate.
-If I saw the Ashen waste rift gate check it (wasn’t seeking as it adds big chunk of time due to preventing rift gates (although it just occurred to me that I could just kill myself and port back to my spawn point…hmm…)).
-port to Tomb of watchers, check over world
-port back to ToW, check the tomb and seal.
-Check Depraved Sanctuary
-Port to ToW, check first level of BoC
-Exit to main menu, repeat

I know I’m skipping Forsaken Wastes, Obsidian Throne and BoC past the gate plus Ashen wastes (about 50% of the time). So this could just be RNG placing him in a location I wasn’t going and thus evening out after find Valdarin twice in Necropolis (first place I check for him) and him dropping warrants each time (plus two legs and a bp in one chest! :D).

I understand if I look in every spot listed in the thread I should find him, but I don’t have many keys left (did run BoC about 15 time in elite before moving to Ultimate and been turning in mats at Tyrant’s hold…) and didn’t want to farm them for warrants (rather turn in at TH BS :)). Also adding the other locations just seem to add so much extra time. I was hoping by doing more runs that were “quick” would help me find him faster than doing an all inclusive search through many locations (quantity over quality). I ran this 15 times before giving up…

So… Does anyone have any suggestions of if and how I should edit my run? Are there more probably spots for him to spawn that I should check first or less probable spots I should cut out? I thought about dropping some locations to try to speed up the number of searches. The main spot I though about dropping was Depraved Sanctuary as it adds a lot of time for only one potential spawn point, but it is hard as it is the location of the ONE AND ONLY time I’ve every seen him.

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

I have generally seen him more in lower levels of BOC and the way to log

I mostly see him in ToW and the lower levels of BoC, never bothered to go to anywhere else. His loots are not worth the time that you spend to find him, Fabius and to some extends Moose are the best Nemeses to farm imo, never had the patience to grind Kymon/Death’s Vigil rep though.

Sorry I didn’t notice that you are only looking for Warrants, but is Ch’thonian rep the easiest to farm? Honestly I’ve never had any troubles getting Nemesis status with them.

I didn’t do much farming to get Nemesis on my first character either, although ch’thonic was the last after Undead then Aether for me to reach. (still haven’t done any others). I mostly just want to get the increased hero spawns a little faster and a chance to find him randomly. Not going to make or break my gaming experience, just my preference for my alts. If it can be done faster, then I want to do it!!! :smiley:

I seem to have a hard time finding the Ch’thonic Nemesis as well. Moose on the other hand, shows up a lot. I have his number now though, and never have an issue with him anymore. Check both pre and post release

Here’s my suggestion for your route, don’t have one :smiley: I mean by the time you beat ultimate you should be fairly close especially since they changed it to require less to reach Nemesis. Just farm as usual and you’ll reach it soon enough just farming multiple areas on a character or spam farm BoC if you want it asap, it really doesn’t take long. I’ve never used a cthonic warrant and always hit nemesis pretty quickly after I beat log on ulti

Benn’jarr the colossal noob is a huge bitch to find, just pray you run into him

Ok, so what I’m gathering from the responses is that it is best just to do BoC runs… Either to find him or to build the rep. I know a couple of post said they seem to find them there a lot, but is that just because you run into him while farming BoC or is it because you’re looking for him specifically? I can’t find info where people are actually trying to “farm” him…I guess the only real reason to do so would be the warrants (maybe his MI, I don’t know how good they are) as others are easier to find and therefore would be more efficient for loot.

I guess the main thing I want is the extra hero spawns, so actually getting to Nemesis isn’t as critical…just a “nice to have” instead of a “need to have”…

I was to Nemesis by the end of Elite on my main character without much rep farming. Only real farming I did was Darkvale Gate to get the seals so I could craft a Haunt relic, so the rep was just secondary. I actually didn’t do BoC until after I beat Log on Elite and was Nemesis by then.

I understand I will get there eventually by just playing. I just wanted to get there quicker!! :slight_smile: But sounding like finding him is actually going to take me longer then just playing…

Thanks for the replies!

Chthonic nemesis could be found in various areas spread all around, which makes consistent hunting practically meaningless. His highest chance to spawn is in BoC, which requires a key. But he could be anywhere else.
This applies to Moose as well.
There’s no point to farm BennJahr for his MI, it will be trash 99% of the time. This applies to all nemeses.
The point to farm a nemesis, in general, are the rare recipes hard to find anywhere else, in practice, and eventual leg drops, but nemeses aren’t good for item hunting.

So if you insist on nemesis farming anyway, the best options are Fabius and Valdaran.
The former comes in linear farming route with 100% chance to find, high MS drastically improves the process.
The latter has its highest chance to spawn in Conflagration, there’s also a boss and a dynamite at the end, as an additional stimulus. Fast Conflagration run > rinse > repeat.

I am not nemesis farming, I’m warrant hunting. That is why I wanted Been’Jarh and probably the only reason to try to farm him…

I typically farm the shrine for loot or twinfalls hive if I actually want to fight something… I’ve also had really good luck finding Moose (at least when I used to farm him on elite before I moved to ultimate) in AU (which also has some extra nice bosses and trove plus the twin falls hive on the way).

I finished my first main character and am starting some alts now, so wanted to build their rep faster…

It’s your business of course, but basically there’s no point to gain reputation for something that makes no point in general.

These are only mine empirical observations, of course. Got no intention to suck the fun out of the way you enjoy the game.

Yeah, no problem! Did not get that was your intention at all. :smiley:

When I started my alts I had the plan of skipping a lot of the content to get to ultimate faster than my first character (specially since I have some gear to share now) so I figured the warrants would help me get the rep without farming it…but as Ch’thonic nemesis is a pain in the ass to find in the first place (was mostly hoping for random encounters). I’ve already got the extra hero spawns (which is what I really wanted) without the warrants, so I am starting to think the need is less… Also the completionist in me is preventing me from skipping as much content as I originally planned so the rep is still coming anyways…