Can't finish quest?

Just changed faction to Kymon on Ultimate, and realised that on Elite I have a bounty active. Can’t access the table to redeem the quest. Am I stuck with it forever? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you are.

That’s great! hahaha

Thanks for the reply! BTW, I read somewhere that I can select Kymon with a necromancer on Elite or Ultimate. Is it true?

If you’re a Necromancer then no, Kymon’s Chosen will always neglect you. It is possible to side with Kymon’s Chosen and then select one of your masteries as Necromancer though. I’ve heard that they will have some fine words for your change too :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, that’s it! Will try this, though I can only imagine how annoying will be to get revered with Kymon on normal (don’t have papers for them, just Death’s). Not sure I can hold necromancer until Elite, will see. :slight_smile: