Can't get my Patron Edition Items

Hey guys,

I purchased the patron edition of the game back in 2013 and I recently got into playing Grim Dawn. However, I noticed that I’m missing the bonus items that I’m suppose to get for the patron edition of the game.

I’ve already talked to the NPC Kory but all he gives me is the illusion be gone item.

I’ve also checked my humble bundle, but there’s no other keys for the game (other than the patron edition of the game).

What else should I be checking?


You need to claim and redeem an additional DLC key to unlock the bonus items, and Kory the Keeper will offer them to you.

If you go to > Grim Dawn, does it state you purchased the Patron edition? If yes and there is no option to claim another key, then contact Humble support.

Hi there,

It does say Grim Dawn Patron Edition, but no others keys are there for it.

I’ve contacted humble bundle support about it. Thanks for the response.