Can't get Sahdina's Memento ?

So standing between the stupid mob in Grim Dawn dosent spwan it (See

Im sure I didnt sold it, really would be surprised if I did.

I tried look into Grim dawn stash mode, but fucking hell its so clunky. Simply cant seem to make it work…And Im a Wizard with Diablo 2 hero editor else…So yea, no idea how to set it up.

Now Im afraid it was maybe loot filter that made me not pick it up in the first game? Left and re-entered some times etc

Do I haft to level up a new char to ultimate act 5 >.,<? Wanted this shit done now. Seriously, the people behind this game…They mean all the best, but they have such clunky game design that aint thought through at all.

hey dont get that pissed ;p

Make sure you are on ultimate, do between the monster’s legs and text will appear on screen
Its not like you pick it up as normal loot, it just goes to your inventory…so my guess is that you got and sold it maybe?

I know about several people that had this problem, myself included. sometimes you get distracted or you just can’t imagine that you will need that item for that specific purpose a lot later in the game, so you sell it.

Honestly i don’t see any bad in make the item obtainable again. At least let us find a weaker (but always suitable for the quest) version in the lower difficulties. So, even if you can’t go to Lokarr before ultimate, the accidental loss of the item would find a much easier solution than levelling another char until act 5 in ultimate…

I dont recall selling it at all, or even the text happening.

Surely they have a support / ticket system? I did some co-op games, maybe someone took it and left?

Other players cannot pick your drop, unless you drop it again after picking it up.

[b]Ok, seems strange.

Finally got GD stash to work now, maybe Im a slow learner, but it seems poorly made, or I just dont mode games enough…

Using a mode to help on a quest :[ Thanks for help all <3[/b]

It’s not a game mod. It’s a 3rd party app that helps assist in managing your inventory of gear. It works, but it’s just using a small Java script database, so it’s not the most professional application, but it does the job, and that’s all we are really looking for with it.