Can't Load Steam Cloud Backup Locally

I have followed all of the instructions from previous threads and I cannot get the game to load my downloaded Steam cloud save locally now that the game and Steam are configure to not cloud save. I have copied the entire save folder over to C:\Users[username]\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\ but when I load GD from Steam it loads to a screen with no character. It seems like I’ve done everything according to the instructions, yet it is not loading the save. Any advice?

So, C:\Users[username]\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main is where all your characters are stored now and Cloud Saving is disabled in the Grim Dawn options.

I think some people needed to restart Steam (exit Steam by right-clicking its icon in the notification area on your taskbar - you probably need to press the ^ there to see hidden symbols - and start it again).

If you are (unknowingly) running Microsoft OneDrive, then you might have to exit it, so that the game finds your locally stored files and does not look in this cloud.

I restarted my PC after making changes so I know Steam restarted and when it came back up I checked Task Manager to ensure that OneDrive was not running. Still when I launch the game from Steam I get no characters available, like there is no save data available.

have you manually browsed to the location to confirm the files are indeed (still) there?
otherwise it might be OneDrive that hijacked the folder and you need to unlink it

If you create a test char and exit the game, where is it saved?

Or totally different idea (happened before)… which expansions have you installed? If you loaded your chars with an expansion, which is currently not installed, they won’t be available for selection.

Also, is your game set to Main Campaign or Custom Game?

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So I actually had this idea and figured out the issue.

The save path is different for me, it is; C:\Users[username]\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\

even though OneDrive is not running and I have never used OneDrive shrugs shoulders

So all good now. Thanks for the help everybody.

game is likely to not save progress when that path is there, or revert progress
because the actual game path is the regular documents folder
if it happens that means you need to unlink that folder from onedrive so the registry? or something isn’t messing with it in the background

Move the Documents folder and get rid of OneDrive. It’s a menace for hi-hacking files.