Cant see damage numbers


I recently started playing (again) and for some reason I can’t get any damage numbers to show anymore (this goes for both chars in a mod as for chars in the standard game). I’ve got the option on and been trying with swapping stuff on and off but nothing seems to work so far, any suggestions/ideas?
Also verified game files which all seemed fine.

thanks in advance

just to confirm; when you say you have it on you don’t mean “show crit” only, right? because you need the base “show dmg values” on for crit to work (just mentioning it because i’ve seen people do this a couple of times)
iirc there was also someone with the same issue recently, turned out it was GI settings that did it (no idea which checkbox)

Yeah i have both show damage numbers & show crits on

edit: it seems to be caused by grimternals, if I launch through the standard launcher the numbers are there, but I can’t see any option within grimternals which would turn this off, and its also the latest version.

any chance you are using grim internals like the example above? - if so i’d ask in the GI thread

yeah just noticed its something to do with that, ill swap it over to that thread ty