Capture the Kraken!

I love this game and have just started a Demolitionist. I want to reach the Kraken with my Devotion points, but I can’t find out which path to take. It seems that either the top point in the beginning, or the one to the left of it, will eventually reach the Kraken. Or will either one reach him?

Press S and knock yourself out testing devotion paths. :wink:

Tsuelue, I appreciate your help. But no matter how I work it, I cannot get it to tell me which path reaches the Kraken. Being on the outer level, I wonder if the Kraken can be reached by more than one Devotion path. But I cannot find any information on that.

As far as I know, this is the quickest way to reach Kraken:

There’s of course plenty of alternatives.

Or just press D :stuck_out_tongue:

For the whole time i was thinking he was in need of a path to the kraken boss. It’s late and my brain froze.