Cast & Attack Speed

Hey guys just wondering does attack skills with cooldown(like forcewave without tremor) get any bonus from cast speed or attack speed?

Yes they do. Not sure what would be the point though, unless you want to cycle through many skills with CD maybe.

so cast speed effective if i use another skill beside forcewave. But attack speed has no effect to forcewave itself at all?

Forcewave is only affected by casting speed, not attack speed. But again, your casting speed will be (almost) useless if you use an un-transmuted forcewave.

Casting speed is used by every ability that does not activate on your weapon swings. There are some exceptions, but I am not sure about it.

For example, Cadence (Soldier) scales with Attack speed because you use it on every weapon swing (that’s pretty understandable) so do on-attack effects such as Markovian Advantage (soldier).

An example of a skill that looks like a skill that doesn’t scale with Casting speed but attack speed is Ring of Steel (nightblade). It’s a pure “casting skill”, but scales with attack speed.

Not sure about stuff I write below here:
There’s also Amarasta’s Blade Burst (nightblade), which is kind of weird, because it’s a skill, that scales with attack speed, but it is not modifying your weapon swings. For example, if you use Cadence’s third hit, you won’t use e.g. Markovian Advatage with it, but if you use Amarasta’s Blade Burst, you can use Feral Hunger (shaman) with it. I am not sure if this is a bug, because, before AoM expansion, I used Cadence’s third hit and Markovian advantage at once (I’ve hit way more damage than I usually did, max output with only Cadence was 90k but I’ve hit ~180k).

Basically, attack speed modifies all weapon swing skills (or auto attacks, basic attacks, however you wanna call it) with little exceptions and casting speed affects everything else.

Pretty much, yes. Casting spell is useful for well, magical attacks like Dreeg’s Eye, Panetti’s Missile, Blackwater Cocktail, projectile spells that you can spam without cooldowns.