[Caster][] Stun Jacks Purifier - Lokarr 30 seconds

The Lightning C(o)aster, a Stun Jacks Purifier.


I always thought Purifier to be an excellent combination of Masteries. Yet, I couldn’t create a build good enough to compete with the famous Stronghold/Aegis from actuanpanda Link or the Dual Gun from AKDONG Link that I played a lot.

Full Chaos (infernal Knight Set) and full Cold (Rimetongue+Chillflame Evoker) have insane DPS but too low defence and utility. I didn’t have great expectations in Lightning Damage with a full Light’s Guardian as my Vindicator didn’t perform that well with it.

But it went beyond my expectations though with a Lokarr Kill in +/- 30 seconds in full facetank mode. I couldn’t imagine this, especially with a Caster.


Nothing foolish, full Light’s Guardian set.
Full lightning damage.
Full Stun Jacks !

I chose an offensive path with as much RR as possible and lots of energy regen as spamming builds are energy-hungry usually.

1- Storm of Elgoloth (Hand of Ultos) ;
2- Storm Shards (Elemental Storm) ;
3- Spam Stun Jacks (Arcane Bomb) ;
4- Thermite Mines and Inquisitor Seal for Bosses and big AoM packs.


  • Kill time is very good (good OA)
  • Bosses and Nemeses just melt in seconds.


  • Squishy in big packs if not careful.
  • Big physical mobs are scarier than Lokarr !

As said in introduction, that’s an easy 30 sec.

Regen and Damage can be cut a little for more defensive options (Devotion Path).

I hope you guys like it !

Hi! i tried this build with elemntalist didnt work well, so i changed it.

My opinion is this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVARbx7Z.

This has less dmg but more defensive and more proc.

The reson stun jacks 1 of the worst skill is that little range. U can’t kite with it. 2 to max out u really need a lot of items. 3 it spread out so not a decent dmg.

U can try out this too: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9032

Very interesting suggestions. Defence (active and passive) is better in your 2 links.

I do agree with you regarding SJ. I consider it as a shotgun ability. You lose a great deal of damage when you have to kite.

Yeah, that why i made more defensive, cause with out u die really fast. Any way if it has more range and not spreading out to much it would be better, like falcon swoop from the falcon. Even if u dont find a good green weapon, u can use the Elgoloth. Without green weapon work perfectly.

I cleared the last part of AoM easily (from the last TP). All Nemesis encountered have been banished from the Universe. And I finished the Outcast quests. It’s indeed squishier than other casters I’ve played but with careful play, it’s doable.

And frankly, I like my casters to be squishy a little. It feels more … appropriate :slight_smile: