[Caster][](g3)(vid) DoT ’n Proc Deceiver (Belzzzz)

Hi,thank you for your build, i really like this type of gameplay.
Do you think a new player can relatively easily obtain the required gear or good enough gear to be efficient at endgame ?

You can easily make the build work with good patchwork items. You can easily kite almost everything in the game (but Kravall of course).
The amulet, relic and rings are craftable and they are the core of the build. Helm + weapon is a nice combo but not mandatory.

There are some cheap options which we discussed in the thread with malawiglenn: for instancethis medal is easily farmable. And any good off-hand, like this, would do the trick.
Focus if possible on good procs and +skill points.

Devotion Path:
Take Flame Torrent asap for a nice damaging ability. Then make your way to Rhowan (Elemental Storm) and Solael Witchblade (Eldritch Fire). And finally Hand of Ultos. From there, you can ditch Flame Torrent and finish the path.

Skill leveling:
Word of Pain is one the best ability early game. It will carry you through Normal/Veteran. By that time, you’ll have a heal (WoR), some good defence (Seal) and offence (Deadly Aim and Aura). I usually have a component ability on off-hand to spam (Fireball/Greater) instead of taking Storm Box right away.
So, to sum up, rush Aura of Censure: WoP (at least 8 points each), Deadly Aim (1), WoR (5), Seal (5) then max Aura of Censure. From there, Occultist: CoF (5), Vulnerability (10) and BoD (12).

What I love with this build is you can adapt your skill points for what you actually need: damage, RR elemental, DA, aether/chaos resistances etc.

For more details, there are some really good leveling guides. The community of GD is incredibly nice and active.

Done, in the “details” section.

Thanks for your reply, i just started leveling following the update you did to your build details, leveling has never been so enjoyable, your build is awesome.

Glad you like it. I love the gameplay so much that, a few weeks ago, I retired my old Deceiver into an Apostate and leveled another Deceiver instead :smiley:

AoM and FG enemies are not at all on the same level as in normal acts. Note: if you struggle with WoP damage early it’s either you don’t have enough points in it or you need some RR (Viper Constellation) or just wait a little for Aura of Censure and rush the RR on Vulnerability. Leveling this Deceiver was one of the smoothest leveling I made.

really enjoyed the build so far until… the last boss on ultimate of forgotten gods, it hits like a wet noodle or i am doing something wrong but i have not died so much on any other thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Awesome Build, thanks for the inspiration!

if you dodge the stuns and the fire, he still hits pretty hard. spamming filler for leech is the key :slight_smile:

Welcome here, mate. Glad you like it. This is my all time favorite Caster :slight_smile: Even above my Fire DoomBolt Shieldbreaker.

Edit: I put a new link to the video. It was broken for an unknown reason.

i have not found the recipe for Ignaffars Combustion yet, using bane atm, whats the #2 option for the relic slot ?

Bane is a great #2 option.