[Caster][](g3)(vid) DoT ’n Proc Deceiver (Belzzzz)

[] DoT ’n Proc - Elemental Deceiver Update

The build is better in FG.

  • Storm Box has been buffed in the Gildam Medal.
  • Malakor Mace has been nerfed but that doesnt hurt the build much.
  • Rings now have 8% adcth each. That’s a lot. Kra’vall is now another mob like any other. You can facetank the fight.
  • This Korvaak Helm has a very good proc and +1 all skills, i.e. better than Gaze of Empyrion.

With, Obliteration (granted ability from Off-hand) now has pierce. It’s offcially and obviously better than Stormfire.
And the FX on Korvaak Helm’s proc is really nice.

Toggles + WoR + BoD.

Grimtool links

Old grimtool link

Full new and shiny FG set-up


Easy Lokarr and Master of Flesh Run with build

Horns of Korvaak proc

Details on the build


I’ve always loved DoTs (Damage Over Time) and have played some really fun multiple DoT builds on GrimDAIL and Grimarillion mods. I’ve never found one on Vanilla GD but here we are!


Word of Pain (linked to Elemental Storm)
Curse of Frailty (linked to Eldritch Fire)
Storm Box of Elgoloth (linked to Hand of Ultos).

The gameplay is simple, DoT everything and run. If something stays alive (not often), finish it with Stormfire or Obliteration. For defence purposes, you have incredible sustain with 2 heals/buffs: Word of Renewal and Blood of Dreeg; and Inquisitor Seal does wonders, as usual.


Nothing special, going for max RR and OA/DA on the way.


1 - The nice combo for Inquisitor Elemental builds since is Empyrion Helm + Mace of Malakor for an incredibly large and powerful Aura of Censure.
2 - Core for the build is also the -15% elemental resistances from the Occultist Conduit Amulet.
3 - Rings, Gloves and Shoulders for very nice procs.


Nice and easy fight, as seen in the video. Valdaran, Moosilauke and Alexander are on the easy-kill list. I didn’t encounter the others yet.


Actually, I came to this Deceiver build after a rework on my Mage Hunter. I wanted to make an Auramancer and failed miserably; I tried a full proc’ build and it worked really well. And then it hit me: I could create my beloved DoT’er build with Occultist’s CoF instead!
Mage Hunter has less RR, less life sustain and physical resistance. You can’t facetank Lokarr like I did with the Deceiver in the video but you have: a powerful panic button (Mirror of Ereoctes), a debuff (Nullification), better OA, great energy sustain and damage absorption.

The main difference is the inclusion of the Cataclysm Set. This the variation I used:

This is a really nice guide for Crucible on this build from thejabrixone :
Crucible Guide


Devotion Path
Take Flame Torrent asap for a nice damaging ability. Then make your way to Rhowan (Elemental Storm) and Solael Witchblade (Eldritch Fire), with Viper on the way. And finally Hand of Ultos. From there, you can ditch Flame Torrent and finish the path.

Skill leveling
Word of Pain is one the best ability early game. It will carry you through Normal/Veteran. By that time, you’ll have a heal (WoR), some good defence (Seal) and offence (Deadly Aim and Aura). I usually have a component ability on off-hand to spam (Fireball/Greater) instead of taking Storm Box right away.
So, to sum up, rush Aura of Censure: WoP (at least 8 points each), Deadly Aim (1), WoR (5), Seal (5) then max Aura of Censure. From there, Occultist: CoF (5), Vulnerability (10) and BoD (12).

What I love with this build is you can adapt your skill points for what you actually need: damage, RR elemental, DA, aether/chaos resistances etc.


Shard #65 was done 3 times. No deaths and even one run with a Grava’. I won’t do any shard further but if you try it, let me know :slight_smile:

Proof of 65th

This is a high damage DoT and Run build. It is very solid and totally greenless, as usual.
I hope you’ll like it!

Edit Log

Edit #1: Update.
Edit #2: Quick leveling guide added.
Edit #3: update.
Edit #4: update.


Your grimtools link is broken.

There was an unwanted space. Corrected.

nice build!

I have been working on budget WoP elemental deceiver for noobs, this one gave me some ideas :slight_smile:

The skills you have in the Grim Tools are the same as in the video btw? Or do you switch them depending on situation? (stormfire vs obliteration)

Good point, I hesitated on saying something about that in the detail section; thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Obliteration is in theory better for single target purposes. Stormfire does less damage but has some projectiles, then better with multiple targets remaining. But frankly, I always found the aiming with Obliteration/AAR very weird that’s why I only use Stormfire.

I thought about using Greater Fireblast for spam skill on my Budget version.

Btw, you have the Word of Renewal transmuter even though you do not dual wield in the grim tool link.

Do you think Heart of Malmouth can be a viable Amulet option if one can not get your Amulet with the CoF modifer? (like a worthy temporary replacer)

  1. If you consider to include the same off-hand, then Obliteration is enough and you can get some more flexibility with your component’s choice. If not, Greater Fireball + this off-hand or that one (very easy to get, suffix/prefix don’t matter much).

  2. Thanks, corrected. I used to play 2H with the previous build and forgot to change it. I always forget the Pneumatic Burst transmuter too :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Yes, Heart of Malmouth is great indeed. Runefather or Empowered Beronath are also good temporary cheap choices where you sacrifice RR for +1 skills.

this belt also for cheap option/easier to get.
Any Wendigo Eye also a good choice.

Thanks dude, I was also thinking about https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8643 as off-hand so one can use Sigil of Consumption (and Bat) for another source of sustain (I guess blazeseer rings can work too)

Hopefully I can put out my budget guide pretty soon-ish. I think deceivers are often over-looked as casters in favor for Vindicators but you can do loads of fun stuff with them even with pretty basic items. Perhaps I can contact you later so you can give some feedback and suggestions?

I’ve tried unsucessfully to make a viable build with this off-hand, based only on the 50% vitality Elem. transmuter :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why I tend to forget this item. A good choice also though.
Just for info, I made a gimmick Deceiver last year: LINK

Yeah, I have played in theory with also using this chest https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8322

And also a “reversed” build with ele > vit conversion, like with this https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8541

xD Update

Not much has changed. The build will be slightly better.

  • SBoE has been buffed in the Gildam Medal.
  • Malakor Mace has been nerfed but that doesnt hurt the build much.
  • Rings now have 8% adcth each. That’s a lot.

Further tests have to be made with this Korvaak Helm; nice proc and +1 all skills should be better than Gaze of Empyrion.

I will wait with patch updates on my builds for when the actual patch is released :slight_smile:

I’m working on a radaggan build with this and the leafmane MI off hand with the same conversion. Still haven’t found the chest piece, can’t complete it :mad:

I have many of that chest if you want one?

No thanks, I play self found only, once I start trading (or gdstashing) I tend to ruin the game for myself, so I will suffer until transmutation is available. I did find the helm blueprint and a bunch of amulets, those are usually much harder to find. Just my luck :wink:

There will be another patch ? We can see 1729 changes to existing items already. Won’t they wait a few days/weeks after launch for an adjustment patch ?

Zantai has written this in every thread about GrimTools that all numbers in Grim Tools might still be subject to changes for the actual release

Wait and see then, and back to theorycrafting.

all i can say is korvaak is fun and looks cool :smiley:

I don’t think it’s ideal setup (esp for cruci due to no ghoul), but I have a very similar test build with korvaak + spelldrinker instead of malakor. You can get meteors+seekers+arcane currents and damn it looks good and does some serious damage.