[Caster] [] AAR Spellbinder Neon Light Celestial God Slayer (g4) (c+) (sr+) (vid)

Hmm… lol, let me rephrase.

Adcth is counted from the whole damage output of a skill, not just from the weapon damage portion. But the percentage of the weapon damage portion affects the percentage of global adtch applied, scaling up to 100%. So:

If you got global 20% adcth (as reads in the second page of char sheet - with an offhand it doesn’t matter which hand, they both add to global):

10% wpn damage on a skill = 2% adcth to that skill
50% wpn damage on a skill = 10% adcth to that skill
100% wpn damage on a skill = 20% adcth to that skill
100000000% wpn damage on a skil = 20% adcth to that skill

Nice build and good custom keybindings too, you managed to keep it all at the left side of the keyboard. My conduit rolled with Chaos resist, should I use 2x bloodied or topazes?

thanks and yes you should still use bloodied crystal, you’ll just have to adjust the augments for the lost pierce resistance, maybe something like this one https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JnzOR2

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A fearsome build indeed. Took a crapton of Ugdenbloom to complete tho but totally worth it. Conduit with %WD was crafted on second attempt. This is my main SR farmer now, thank you! :partying_face:

You are welcome, thanks for checking out the build :slight_smile:

Hey im kinda new to Grim dawn, how is this build vs [] Expelliarmus! 5:45m Crucible 150-170, SR 75, 0 greens facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid][g3]

Im looking to play it solo and with friends as a first build and to main it to clear all content, cheers

Im sorry, but Im not really that knowledgeable with the PRM build you linked here.

I play mostly solo, so as far as gameplay is concerned, you can pretty much clear all game content with this build.

I play both and I like both. In general, the Magehunter is a bit easier to play and more forgiving towards piloting errors. It’s also a bit tankier.
AAR Binder means more raw damage, but you need to time Mark of Torment and Mirror properly to survive against harder enemies. AAR also got hit by a slight nerf with the last patch. Still going strong though.

In short: Personal decision - play what you like best.


Did you mean 170?

Im worried about the nerf as someone else mentioned that it lost about 1/3 of damage? are there any other caster builds with Arcanist which match the AAR builds here and can clear all really high level content?

Depends on the build I’d say. To give you an example: RomanN1has probably the fastest AAR build. And after some adjustments it can still clear crucible in record times.
OFC it’s a super offensive build, which requires extremely good piloting. I freely admit I can’t play it. But in the hands of a top player, this is still incredibly strong. So AAR definitely isn’t #deadbuild. :grinning:

I do not advice my setup unless you really know what you’re doing. On bad days I have difficulties pilotting it too :D.

Fastest AAR is with Fleshwarped Tome but not having disrupt res from Codex of Lies is a steep price to pay.

Roman’s Ratosh binder has amazing sustain at the cost of more Mirror-MoT. But I guess most binders now - both classic aether or aether/vit - will choose Harbinger of Death over Reckless Power, at least those who wanna stick to the severely nerfed conduit.

But even that can be made less suicidal in 2 minutes. Tone down on spirit dump, get Ravager Eye on one weapon or both, get Seal of Blades or Haunted Steel, etc,

Ofc it can. I was reffering strictly to that setup. I managed to make a setup around the same idea that can even do naked :D.

you wont have any issue, completing any content of the game even after the nerf, its not like it became useless, you just have to be a little bit more careful.

If you plan using this build on SR and Crucible , it is still doable, although, doing celestials might be a little tricky now with the nerfed conduit.

No worries about conduit vs celestials. they have high leech resistance anyway.

I just tested ravager last night and i am now struggling keeping my hp up with ghoul even before having his hp below 50%. aauuuggg, before, i am practically immortal when ghoul is up…

It’s the phys res rather than the wd% :smiley:. Anyway, binder still works just fine. I mean, i improved my time in crucible after the nerf, so yeah…works

I didn’t say binders wouldn’t work. I’m just wondering if Essence of Grim Dawn is more competitive now.

After this conduit nerf?

Yes ya :D.