[Caster] [] AAR Spellbinder Neon Light Celestial God Slayer (g4) (c+) (sr+) (vid)

This is my first build post so go easy on me, credit to @Nandi for providing the base build that I worked on and to @malawiglenn for explaining how damage conversion works.

Yes, you read that right, if you want to kill Cellestials, you can use this build to lay waste to all of them.

Default Set ups

Set up with Bleeding resistance roll for conduit Grimtools

Set up with Pierce Resistance roll for conduit Grimtools

What it can achieve ?

  1. Crucible 150-180 7:55m video ( I know, I’m a very lazy crucible pilot )
  2. SR 75-76 run with bos room gang bang on 75 and 76 video
    SR 80 boss room video
    SR 85 pic
    SR 90 pic
  3. Kill all nemesis ( Grava was never really an issue )
  4. Kill Lokarr ( will try to upload a video later )
  5. Kill Mogroden ( apparently you can onlykill him once per difficulty, so no video for him )
  6. Kill Ravager ( no potion ) video

Callagadra Set up Grimtools

What it can achieve ?

  1. Kill Callagadra ( no potion ) video

Crate of Entertainment Set up Grimtools

What it can achieve ?

  1. Kill Crate of Entertainment ( no potion ) video


Make no mistake of thinking that killing a celestial is an easy task ( well, maybe Mogroden is ) even if you’re using these set ups, it will still depend on your piloting skills and knowledge of the enemy to effectively slay them. What I am presenting you is the possibility.

Build Screenshots







reserved for future update

reserving this for future updates

Nice man, any tips regarding gearing for the boots? like alternative affix combos etc?

If i can get something with poison and acid resistance, that would be great, also pierce resistance is a must, bleeding resistance, yes ( since the they already nerfed bloody crystal ) and most important of all the stun resistance, ( god help you if you rolled Valdaran and Iron Mainden and they go after you at the same time in higher SR).

Im sorry im not really sure how many affixes are there, but ideally i would like to have everything i mentioned above, the damage roll is also nice, but not a priority.

what you could do is to post a version with just plain stoneplate greaves and no augments in armor, then one can see better what resistances and stats needs to be covered.

Hey man, nice build!

But don’t you have recipe for bloodied crystals? They are BiS for rings. Also I prefer Bat vs Giant’s blood, but is your desicion. Nice option is 2 parts of Krieg set, gloves+boots.

Aethereach is mandatory on AAR builds, i think, so Krieg Gloves is not an option here.

I wonder how build performs without these green boots and what would be an alternative.

I do have the receipe for bloodied crystal, its just that I rolled bleeding resistance from conduit so i opted for topaz, if I got piercing resistance maybe i’ll go for bloodied.

I’ve been using bat for the longest time. I changed it when i realized that i will not be using its full healing potential if Im not binding it to AAR. Binding bat to ravenous earth is not very efficient as well for healing and dps.

Giants blood provides more utility for both sustain and recovery also since I bind it to arcane will, some sort of circuit breaker.

No amount of life steal will save you from DoT if you’re trying do disengage, recover and kite while fighting a Celestial. Giant’s blood can.

I’ve been using krieg’s boots before i rolled that stoneplate greaves and was able to beat Mogroden and Ravager just fine ( although a bit harder and before the arcanist buff ), got Callagadra around 35% hp, then my pc crashed so i dont know if it really can. Haven’t tried crate pre boots and buff so i dont know either.

If you proc it when you need it yeah.

The good thing about having twin fangs to ravenous earth is that it can heal you even if you have to kite or are unable to attack with AAR

Yes, i’ve considered that, but fangs needed to hit the enemy first so it can heal you ( correct me if im wrong ).

With a lot of kiting and running involved , its often that celestials wont be standing in an area where fangs and ravenous earth can hit them thus wasting its healing potential.

that graphique’s quality is so pure <3 nice

Hows this compare with Fleshwarped Tomb build?

The RR on the offhand is really nice in your build but the damage seems abit lower than Feshwarped due to the conversion (not to mention conversion on fang too).

This was very well said, especially the last sentence. :+1:

ehehehe, what i didnt show here is how many times I died trying, especially to Callagadra and Crate ( crate was especially tricky ) t. I really enjoyed figuring out the boss pattern and countering their annoying mechanics ( I’m looking at you crate )

Since I’m using a full clairvoyant set the conversion from the tome will be useless ( or at least not as effective ), as was explained to me, you cant double dip on damage conversion.

The head gear had already converted lighting damage to vitality damage, so vitality damage can no longer be converted to any form of damage, is that correct @malawiglenn ?

Also, the skill interruption resistance is really nice plus the the mythical codex of lies got buffed last 2 patches, so yeah.

Are you running bat on the beam? The idea is converting that to Aether so you are shooting Aether bat fangs.

Nope, I am not using bat at all, figured I have more than enough life leech.

Grimtool is down atm so i cant see your main damage devotion. Did you had any luck with Aetherfire?