[Caster] [] AAR Spellbinder Neon Light Celestial God Slayer (g4) (c+) (sr+) (vid)

Any chance you can please take a screenshot of your skill/devotion windows? grimtools will be down until next weekend.

Maybe I’ll post the screen shots later after work for reference while grimtools is down.

But to answer your question, no im not using Aetherfire.

I’ll try posting it later after work.

I tested it thoroughly after my build was target nerfed.

IMO, no reason to use Fleshwarped Tome after the nerfs. Or anything else that suggests breaking Clair set. AAR has crazy crit dmg. So full Clairvoyaint’s oa (as well as extra crit dmg, %dmg, da, fumble, way more skillpoints, etc.) now makes up for less flat. IMO, the only alternative to the great now Codex of Lies is a well rolled Pulsing Shard.

No gt so can’t really discuss builds but from the pic this looks very optimal and easily tweakable for better crucible performance. So nice build, op. :+1: How you got to SR85 with 1.6k armor and 11k health and no pharma, I don’t know, but it’s impressive. I used the Mirror-MoT-Bloodthirster rotation long ago on aether PRM and I didn’t love it. Bloodthirster takes too long to cooldown and you are a one-shot during that time. What’s the adcth off Bloodthirster, btw?

To be honest I lost the timer at SR 84 boss room only because all the boss went for me at the same ( Grava, Theodin, Iron Maiden, and Gargabol if i remembered correctly ), but I was still able to push through.

SR 85 boss room was surprisingly easy since I got lucky roll where I can aggro them one at a time, so I thought maybe I can still go higher but then I though meehh, not worth it, well maybe some other time if I feel like doing it.

Bloodrhirster have an active 24% adcth and 8% adcth passive.

Some cool achievments and sexy illusion!

Surprised that Conduit out performed legendary amulet with ADCTH mod. Guess max res + res rule for such build.

cool, it good to see an aar build :smiley:

when grimtools are online again i take a look for ideas to my sorcerer (im using also aar)… but i think i need new “hands”… because im trying SR level 20 and for me is too difficult and it’s already costing me. And I see zero special potions used

Having access to ghoulish hunger just by using conduit is the best part of it and a nicely rolled resistance makes overcapping less problematic which also gives access to prismatic diamond.

@sephelutis and @butts1 updated the post with build screenshots.

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Uhm. Noob question… Isnt the % dmg reduction from ravenous earth better than OA shred from siphon souls mod? :<

Probably, but the debuf duration is only 1 sec, which is probably effective as long as the enemy are standing above it or were hit by the projectiles.

The spell also last for only 4 sec, which means that I have break channel everytime just to get the full benefit of the skill, a huge dps loss for me.

Siphon soul last for 9 sec, more than double the the duration of the ravenous earth, less channel break, less dps loss and also, less chance for enemies to get a huge crit on you.

But thats just me, you can always try which one you feel better suited to your playstyle.

Mmm thanks for the detailed answer. I’ve been theorycrafting something very similar and ended up thinking that blood boil wasn’t worth the mastery bar+skill points investement, but you’re right, i find myself stop the channeling a lot… Might try this setup

You can take 4 points from siphon soul put it to decay if you really want to, anything higher will not be worth it, for me at least.

updated SR achievement, i was able to push it further to SR 90, god that was horrible!!!

SR 90 pic ( no potions btw )

I waited for gt to see this build because these achievements are CRAZY. Nice that the build is 100% legit.

Some feedback:

  1. Picking RE just for Revenant procs and zero points in Decay? You can proc Revenant effectively with anything - Siphon, Aether Corruption, even Devastation. And once you bother with RE, points in Decay (at least to 8/12) are the best defensive investment possible.

  2. Aeon is unbound. Astral Rifts?

  3. Going over the cap on Siphon Souls is a waste of points. You get 10cm radius per point (lol) and dmg is negligible.

  4. I would most definetly cap Fabric of Reality and Nullification.

  5. I’m not quite sold on that Behemoth and that 800 max health regen. But I guess it has its functions with that crazy active defense + kiting playstyle. About kiting, isn’t 118% run speed a problem?

I dindt have anything available to proc it as reliably as i want it ( Devastation CD is way too long for procs, I am using Aether corruption for something else, cant really bind it Siphon soul either, so i was left with RE)

Also I’'ve been reconsidering decay as well, I took all the points from it when the the arcanist was buffed 2 patches ago and never looked back thinking, hey I’m doing just fine without it.

It was bound to Aether Corruption.

yup, thats the reason im over capping it, for the larger radius, getting swarmed by trash mobs in higher SR is a pain in the ***, its purpose is to debuff as many enemies as possible, the large radius will take good care of them. But then again,as I mentioned above, I’ve been experimenting, im taking points from it and putting it to decay.

I will try to overcap them if I figure out where to get the points ( might be from Overload and Siphon soul )

I use Giant’s blood as a buffer while my other defensive skills are in CD, you dont really have to kite for that long. Some enemies ( Im talking about celestials ) have a really long attack swing animation that you can easily avoid them just by teleporting

I’d go like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwJ38KV.

I see you go for random Aeon procs rather than timed ones, which is surprising. It’s more of a crucible speedrunning thing. Anyway, Siphon Souls is good for that, too. Siphon Souls ticks (for 0 damage) on all affected enemies so it procs stuff every second, just like Aether Corruption.

BTW Aeon on Astral Rifts and Revenant on Devastation is how I made my binder that did a record time in crucible (5:20) before it was dismantled by target nerfs. With timed Aeon, Devastation is almost always back on before the skeletons die. But it’s a matter of preference.

Which makes me wonder why you aren’t using Displacement instead. You’re not using Astral Rifts for proccing anything, it’s damage is negligible, and 0.5 seconds less cooldown on the blink is golden.

Honestly speaking, great build, I can’t see the videos atm but REAPER kills AAR spellbinder in high SR. (S0 2X sanctified bone is a must IMO)
The devotion is very similar to another build I made for high SR runs. Just hope someone won’t see it…

Thanks for the skill point redistribution recommendation, will definitely try this one out.

I chose Aether Corruption because i dont use it as often as siphon soul ( I was using reap spirit before ). It just feels mechanically right for me, I know sometimes it doesnt proc eon, but more often than not, it does. hehe

you forgot the petrify effect, very useful against arcane enemies

It wont be Reaper that will kill you in SR 80+, its any boss with a “shattered” prefix and the boss room gangbang.