Celestials and Resistances ...

Hi everyone!

First things first: English is not my native language, so I hope you can understand everything^^

So I have a problem with my current build trying to kill the Celestials (Mogdrogen, Ravager, Callagadra).
I just seem to do much too less DMG and can’t really understand why. I hope you can help me out …

First, here’s the build:


And here’s the problem:

The build lives from the high DPS and lifesteal.
I do around 192k DPS and with all proc-buffs around 236k DPS and have 27% lifesteal (51% with buff). More than 90% of my DMG is Chaos.

The Celestials have 103% Resistance (Chaos)
And I have enough reductions … or so i thought:
-10% Open Hand of Mercy
-10% Ravagers Deathgaze
-35% Eldritch Fire
-25 Doom Bolt

If I’m right, than it should be like this:

103% Resistance - 25 (Doom Bolt) = 78%
-10% = ~70%
-10% = ~63%
-35% = ~41%

(Please correct me if there’s anything wrong with the maths behind resistances …)

with ~180k Chaos DPS and ~41% res. I should do ~100k DMG and heal up for 27k per sec.

The main problem here: I do just around ~10k-20k DPS and therefore my lifesteal is not enough to facetank Ravager or Callagadra.
I can facetank Mogdrogen thanks to his pets, but after around 5min I had only dealt 3m DMG to him …

–> Why do I have such a low DPS, despite the resistance debuffs?

103 - 45 = 58 //-x%
58 * 0.9 = 52.2 //y% reduced
52.2 - 25 = 27.2 //z reduced

^ appropriate order.

Btw, looking at “DPS” doesn’t help. You should look in the second tab on how much per tick does EoR do. I bet you hit about 40k crit per tick, so it’d be about 29,120 damage. Then calculate it with attack speed (which would be harder), so in your case it’d be about 8 ticks per second, for a total of 232,960 DPS (crits only).

Also take into account stuff like 40% Damage Absorption at 50% health that Calla has, for example

Thanks for this.

But this doesn’t explain to me why I deal so low damage.
EoR does 19k-23k damage per tick @ 144% attack speed.
And with the right calculation you provided I should do even more damage to him, cause his res is lower than I expected … so why it’s not?!

(In case of Calla I don’t even get nearly to his 50% mark, cause I deal so low damage, that I can’t get enought lifesteal to survive his attacks …)

Dunno, but I really don’t get it … ^^’

[seems like the pic doesn’t work for me, so here’s the link … https://imgur.com/a/EcZBCLB ]

EDIT: I forgot, I lifesteal only the weapon dmg, which is 6k-8k per tick, but still it should be enough, if the dmg I really deal would be as high as the maths say …

A couple of things I see:

At 20K per tick, that’s ~1k leech per tick (90% LLR on these bosses). Which is ok, as long as it hits. But after 8s bloodthirster goes into cd, you are down to almost half that.

Without the “on enemy death” activation, the ring proc does not help DA and once Resilience’s 5s is over, your DA is ~2500, which is crit territory. So at this point you might not be able to leech enough each time you get hit/crit.

You might try swapping Throne for Ghoul and tying it to Mark of Divinity (Divine light) to see if that gets you further along in the battle.

And you may have to kite more than you want after the point where all your circuit-breakers go on cool-down.

Some general advice. No need to be getting into details as long as the basics are not covered.

Those rings are absolutely the worst choice for single target strong enemies. They basically never work. They’re only good for Crucible and to a lesser extent main game and non-boss stages of SR.

To increase dmg you should get the last ranks of EoR, Possession and Solael Witchfire, etc. Strengthen the backbone of chaos builds - flat dmg. But even more importantly, RR is incredibly low even for chaos, and all Celestials have around 100% chaos res. Your math is wrong. %reduced rr doesn’t come before -% rr. Also, Ravager helmet only has 50% uptime. So you can count it as 5% not 10% rr. You need more rr. Celestials already have dmg reductions and absorptions. Res is another haircut that your dmg gets. This is why it’s so low.

Some skill points are being wasted: Aspect of the Guardian - absolutely no need to ever go beyond 15/12 in imo even beyond 12/12. Consecrated Blade - the only physical damage is from from Rebuke (12-17) so CB gives you 1.5-2.5 chaos flat for 3 points - and ONLY to Doom Bolt and procs as in EoR it’s already 100% converted. 17th rank in Resilience gives you nothing but 1% healing effects for 1 point.