Ceno's Totally Normal Patchnotes Analysis

If I’m going to self-promote myself for no real reason, I may as well invite all of you to have at it and publicly shame me howsoever you see fit.


See above for the vast majority of my opinions on patch Video is 2.5 hours long so I’d recommend putting it on in the background unless you like watching text scroll by more boringly than a Star Wars intro.

Audio cuts out at 9:30 but returns a few seconds later. Nothing I can do about it, it’s silent in the source file. :undecided:

Questions, comments, concerns? Ask here or on youtube. Happy to chat all things

cool one, ima listen this while theorycrafting some weird spellbreaker…

Too long, didn’t listen. 2/10. Nerf your patchnote video duration and I’ll reconsider my score

dont care about your analysis but man, your voice is sexy, am going full homo!:stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose I might point you the way of my competitor, then.


Two and a half hours?! Thanks, but I’d rather be playing. :smiley:


Sexy voice though, el critco is right. :smiley:

How do you even fill two and a half hours talking about this update? I mean, I would run out of stuff to say after ten minutes at best.

Patch notes analysis for beginners

2.5 hours of talking.I do that amount in a week:D.Also if you want to attract viewers to your thread,you should put reasonable in your title.

Too Long, Didn’t Watch :stuck_out_tongue:

It can always be worse.

Great analysis man, I for one love long videos.

How? How is this possible??

I love this comment: You can actually kinda see his beard growing throughout the video.