Chains of Anguish

this item is a real cheat making you think it’s only 5% chance it wont proc much but every character i use it on heavy and slow hitter or fast it procs all the time constantly 50%- res and slowed movement is it suppoed to be this bad

Afaik, buff lasts few secods and cd is quite long- use brain and play around it ;]

Or just don’t use it if it bothers u

Use this instead, if you manage to get one.

It may not be as strong as the chains, but it’s much less trollish and more reliable.

Lol, that belt got me killed on Ultimate a few times.

Ultimate YOLO belt :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem with this belt is that it’s -res… which is exponetially greater on the amount of damage you take in… and the benifet is exponetially diminished the better your geared. This belt usually accounts for a 1-2% dps gain while a 20% chance of 200-500% more damage taken…

Looks good on paper…

Absolutely TERRIBLE…

It’s good when you can equip it, and will serve you decently until better things become available. Arcanist/Nightblade chars can counteract the proc with the invulnerability skills, the rest should probably avoid it after act2 elite.