Challenge! Reaper - Can you make pierce|vitality work?

Since I am definitely late to the game, I won’t be surprised if this has already been tried and tested. Just let me know in your reply if it’s hopeless! Or if you believe there might be a chance, then I ask for your help.

Looking for the vets and pros and math gods to put this idea for a build into something viable for endgame.

Most of what is in that link is just something I threw together real quick to get the idea across. I fully expect a near total overhaul as the build improves. I’ve probably got a few hundred more hours before I would actually know how to get this min-maxed, but I would love to be a part of the discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with the intel!

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: hell no, making builds that utilizes more than two elements almost never works. It certainly never works with elements that are so apart from each other in terms of gear support and constellations as Vitality and Pierce. Also Reapers are paper thin and need dedicated gear sets to somewhat work.

(That GT link is really bad but you already know it)

I was afraid split damage wouldn’t work. I learned that lesson from Dark Souls 3. Well this reply was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! lol back to the drawing board.

Moreover, I made a Reaper with Vitality/Cold damage mix, here is Grimtools. It kinda worked, even manage like 8-9 minutes Crucible 150-170, but still was not very effective or worth it in my book, despite Vitality/Cold being much closer to each other in terms of gear/constellations.

Damn, 8-9 seems great! Though I guess it would feel lackluster now with so many builds pushing lower and lower with not as much effort. Thanks for sharing.

In case it wasn’t apparent, I am quite new to the game. All I’ve done so far is followed an Infiltrator pierce build I found in the forums. Motivation for my Reaper idea was primarily just the roleplay of it. Anytime my character can have a reason to not age, like a Reaper could through necromancy, I am all for it. And I thought dual-wield armor piercing with vitality sounded neat. But I also understand the importance of balance between roleplay and gameplay, which is why I was open to being told NO if it wasn’t going to be viable. lol

Maybe I should have looked at death-knight builds from the start.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply!

If you are new I would definitely recommend avoiding Reaper class for a while, make it your 3rd or 4th character, just in time when FG hits. Infiltrator is a great choice for a newbie - very resilient class that can do quite a few builds really good and can do decent with intermediate faction gear or stuff like Mythical Silver Sentinel set that drops very frequently.