Changing Olexra's Flash Freeze help


I am trying to alter Olexra’s Flash Freeze so that bosses will be damaged by its cold damage and Frostburg dot. I understand that bosses aren’t effected by the freeze effect and that is a balance concern. However I just want the damaging aspect to still hit them. Looking at the database record I could not figure this out with my own limited knowledge.

I believe this could fixed by changing the skill class from DebuffFreeze to a generic ranged attack class used in another skill. Unfortunately this class within the record cannot be changed inside asset manager. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Not sure how it was done. But Cornucopia mod made this exact change so perhaps check their assets?

Oh very nice. I will check out their assets. Thanks for the information.

Change the template of the skill from skillbuff_debufffreeze.tpl to skillbuff_debuff.tpl and have it apply a 1 second freeze.

Edit: You can change templates within the DBR Editor:

Awesome, I’m still learning about all the applications used in modding. This was a big help, thank you!