changing skill_template/ skill trigger

I’m trying to change how a skill is cast. I want it to proc off of my default weapon attacks, but not replace the attack.

I think the skill template most relevant is skill_wpattack_radialcrit. However, I’m after on attack like skill_wpattack_basicattack has. I checked these templates and they have the same templatebase except for their class and _radialcrit has the skill_radius templatebase. I checked the skill_radius templatebase and it does not appear to have anything to do with the trigger. This leaves me to wonder why the templates act differently. One replaces the attack while the other adds a projectile (as simple as have a 0 or 1 in the projectile portion?), one is based off of crit while the other is off of attack. If you open the corresponding .dbr’s from the templates they have the same triggers from the skill_wpattack templatebase. So what makes them act differently? The class? What is the role of class? Is it possible to change the skill triggers? If so, how can this be done?

I did try making my own template. I took skill_wpattack_basicattack and added skill_radius and saved it as a template (skill_wpattack_basicattack_radius.tpl). I then made a .dbr record that mimicked upheaval and saved this file as razorwind1.dbr in playerclass05. I had skillprojectilenumber = 1, etc… The end result: weapon attack was replaced by my radius attack, not adding the attack to the melee. It was on attack though.

If I could change the trigger on skill_wpattack_radialcrit to be on attack instead of crit, or if I could change skill_wpattack_basicattack to add in the projectile and not replace my melee attack, I would have it.

many thanks.