Chaos Bolt

I just realized there are three kinds chaos bolt. A sort of raging stallion version that the bloodsworn use, a good morning sunshine version that you get from the procs, and then a really sad ever flaccid version as an active skill. Can we get an viagra augment or something please? I’m feeling really inadequate using this spell.

the skills trajectory is definitely janky as fuck. Not sure how they should fix it, but it definitely could use a tweak.

Raging Stallion all the way, for sure. Maybe with a random, bounce between three enemies instead of three bolts.

Shotgunnig to the face ftw.

Yeah I saw that, probably in the back of my mind is why i decided to check it out closer. I got real jealous when i noticed the bloodsworn had more vigorous chaos bolts though. Feels like I am fanning a sack of feathers at the enemy.