[Chaos Caster] The Blade of Ch'Thon - Chaos based Biting Blades Pyromancer

The recent changes to the the skill Biting Blades make it look really attractive and one can now actually hope to make a working build around the skill. While the obvious thing to do would be to make a Poison/Acid Caster I decided to try my hands on a Chaos version and it turned out better than I had expected.

The skill’s beauty cannot be captured properly in screenshots (at least not by me) so I decided to record a video of how it looks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgscIlu3J-U


Pyromancer - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V04l8yV

*Screenshots with Permanent Auras, Blood of Dreeg and Hungering Void.

Witch Hunter - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxdjEeV

*Screenshots with Permanent Auras, Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst




Why not go with Deceiver?

It’s true the mines are clunky to use and Death Sentence would provide me much more QoL but I am very used to the Demolitionist class so I find it much more easier to work with. Of course one is free to go with a Deceiver, the major change would be to the MI - instead of a Gollus’ Ring one would need a Bloodsworn Signet and the relic would need to be changed to Ignaffar’s Combustion.

Which is better among the two builds?

Witch Hunter’s DoT potential makes it more appealing to me.

Is Malediction usable here?

Uh, yeah but I find Korvaak’s Deception to be better due to the granted skill and because of the stats.
On the Witch Hunter it will loose out Dreeg’s Relic since Poison is a big part of our damage.

How dependent on Doom Bolt is this build?

Doom Bolt is merely there to increase my kill speed. The damage of the Biting Blades is more than enough to handle even the nemeses. I only use Doom Bolt in a boss fight to kill them quickly.
In the MQ video I deliberately didn’t use it more than twice to demonstrate the damage contribution of Doom Bolt in comparison to our main skill.

How does the Pyromancer fare against Chthonians?

Quite well I’d say, on top of the RR you have Doom Bolt to nuke the HP of their top guns (nemeses and shar’zul)

In Closing-

This is one of my favorite builds, the skill’s unique animation is what makes it attractive.
The Chaos variant’s kill speed was a surprise for sure but a welcome one. I enjoyed this build and hope you guys do as well.



Nice to see more item skill based builds around here. Just curious about the dual-wielding. Does Biting Blades use both weapons or you’re just using double fangs for the conversion?

Biting Blades just uses the Main Hand, so I’m assuming double Fang is for the 100% conversion.

Always nice to see more builds using the Seal skills, especially the new Biting Blades. Good build Chthon.

It’s for the conversion. Biting Blades only counts your Main Hand damage

Thank you

Guide updated and added a video of a non-violent display of the skill since I couldn’t screenshot it properly no matter how much I tried

Nice one.

Your GD looks better than mine btw :smiley:


Still lags sometimes though :undecided: (and dude you need to upgrade)

YOU need to upgrade!!!..jk Will prob feel like totally different new game when I will

just taking a peek at the acid witch hunter version of this and I must say it looks… surprisingly strong. fully converting wendigo mark bound to bloody pox could give it the sustain it needs for crucible… assuming you have the greens necessary to pad it out in durability

Crucible isn’t really my thing but if I find the time I’ll post the Acid version.

The sustain should be inferior to the Chaos version but insane DoT potential should more than make up for it

No!!! dies internally Yes it will, probably should upgrade before we get Grim Dawn: Oasis this year. What better way to play the expac than with upgraded specs :smiley:

Updated the build with the acid variant also did some videos.
I got Chaos vs MQ video and a How to kite 90% of Gargabol fight using the WH tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with videos is the size of it. Gargabol video is 377mb so this will take a while.

Added a video for Chaos Pyro
Added WH setup

WH has a video that I will end up posting if my Bandicam problem doesn’t get fixed (not trying to fix it for now cause I need to pump out some new builds)

Updated the build

Hi, I love your builds in general, I still know just a little know about the game machanics. Can you please tell me if two swords with 45% conversion to chaos are added or is it only 45% because it is the same blade?

Conversion stacks and in this case it’s additive which is good.

But if you have like 50% fire> Aether and 50% elemental Aether it’s multiplicative cause it’s two different types that will affect fire and you get ~75% fire>aether

Conversion stacks, but not Pierce conversion, because reasons.

Oh yeah, I remember this. Apparently if you have 100% Armor Piercing on your weapon in Main Hand it only applies to MH, your OH damage will be influenced by the Armor Piercing Ratio of the weapon equipped in the Off Hand

It sucks tbh, as if Pierce isn’t gimped enough