Chaos CT concept build?

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I have been daydreaming lately about making a chaos Callidors Tempest build, and Ive been looking around the forum and online for potential ideas on how to achieve this.
As it seems to me the best thing to do would be to get blood orb of chton for the offhand to convert as much elemental damage to chaos, but I was wondering if anyone has tried it or maybe has a concept or an idea on how to make something that can pass the game on ultimate?

Is it worth playing at all since arcanist doesnt support chaos almost at all, blood orb will meds with your constitution, and alot of elemental DOT will be wasted.

Big thanks to the community for keeping me entertained while working at sea, and being friendly and cool :upside_down_face:

I quickly put together a build like this which gets high chaos damage to use with CT and DB. The main issue I see is the lack of Chaos RR in the build.

You could also consider something like Ember’s Calling with Nightblade for a bunch of Chaos RR on VoS but it gets a bit awkward finding gear outside of that since most Chaos gear is itemized towards Occultist (With a heavy focus on DB)

But that’s just my 2 cents on the idea. Perhaps someone with more insight/whom has tried such a build can shed more light for you.

Here is my variant (craft for Freeze resistance). Was not impressed by performance (and skill itself, do not like Callidor’s Tempest). It can do MC, dungeons, totems etc.

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I’ll throw in my doodle I made months ago as well:

This is my idea currently to put in Demo instead of the Occultist, is this fissable?
Sorry for no link my cellphone is garbage…
But the screens should give you guys an idea of it

I tried long time ago chaos CT Lock and Sorc. Warlock makes sense for chaos builds but itemization prevents taking few RR sources, so you’ll end up lacking. Sorc was better in that regard but other than low range CT you have glassy build. Mage Hunter is interesting option, cause it’s tanky but like the Sorc you have no suitable exclusive skill and you miss the damage potential of the Lock.

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Was hoping that hiding behind blast shield, maivens, and something like chariot will provide me with enough protection, but also hellfire mine provides alot mote RR than WoP.
Am I missing something here that would make the magehunter better than sorc?