Chaos DW melee Pyromancer + Witchblade

Hey guys, im here again to share another char(s) about chaos !
Before starting, i wanna say for those who may have seen my previous topic with the WH version, i wont update this topic anymore since im using Jaggermeister awesome tri damage version, if you didnt saw it yet, well do so its right here !
Thanks again to him and Chthon for the help around my previous chaos WH, and special thanks to JoV for the devotion im about to show you on those pyro and WB, which is how we will have such high DPS.

Let’s start with the Pyromancer first

without procs on:

and with:

Grim Dawn Build Calculator here

So yeah, sheet DPS goes pretty high (as usual with chaos actually), still dont get tricked, this aint “OP” or “Broken” or whatever the word(s) you prefer; let’s just say that you wont get the kill times you can get with a SS cold SB for example … still this build is very capable, and you should be safe against whole game content including nemesis thanks to more than decent damage output and ADCTH (14% - 18%), we aint so tanky but with blast shield, mark of divinity it feels enough, at least to me.

As usual with those damages types, this char wont be the fastest in Chthnian places obviously.

About the build itself there isnt so much to say, its pretty straight forwards, (chaos more chaos and also ahem chaos) using multiples debuff through skills and gearing. Our DPS will fly high when both abominable might and hungering void devotion procs will be up.

About gearing:

As usual when it comes to chaos the weaps fang of chthon and master spellblade are our best choices without doubts, if you dont have those well get them using whatever you can to do chaos damage (also using consecrated blade if your weap does some flat physical dmg).
For the rest of gearing, justice chest armor is a good defensive option; also ulzuin chest armor can be usefull for +skills and attack speed;
entropic coil ring is an obvious good choice,
for shoulder id suggest infernal knight or justice shoulder; btw the two pieces bonus from justice is a good defensive option,
for legs empowered legplate of valor or wraithborne legwarps are good options, especially the last mentionned that can give you a very high amount of OA if you can handle the res with it.
Helm: infernal knight, clairvoyant, covenant of the three
Girdle of stolen Dreams is another way to go,
also you can take direwolf crest medal to be able to DW and take Solael relic but i felt Mark of divinity more usefull.

Symbol of solael component is mandatory imo, but between haunted steel and riftstone its a difficult choice; its up to you, as usual your personal tastes and gearing set up will tell you the choice you have to make.

Spending skills points a bit differently wont change the build core, you aint forced to take sigil; i just like this skill and feel safe fighting over it somehow, you can also take bloody pox for fevered rage to increase kill times but be carefull with that…
so go as you consider the better with your personal likes and/or the current gear you have, as always try to get the best res you can and give attack speed some needed love; but keep in mind you aint forced to cap it since hungering void proc gives us 8%.

Witchblade version

First of all, let me link you this already existing topic that is very detailed and fun to read right here

So i havent much to say honestly about chaos WH, everything has already been said, just wanted to share that version, that is also working very well, anyway here it is

without devotion procs:


Grim Dawn Build Calculator link here

Its pretty much the same thing as the pyromancer obviously, since we are using soldier here, our DA will be way higher and the char will be tankier, thats why mark of divinity didnt felt needed here.

Everything i said earlier works here, except for some gear options:
Devil cage hauberk, reforged chains of oleron can be added to the list.

Same deal with weapons components, but here we can put a single skill point in blitz for mobility, so ill suggest a bit more haunted steel here, but again, its up to you.
War cry didnt felt needed against Nemesis, so i passed on it; if you feel like you need it, well use it !

A quick word about the slightly different devotion:
with WB i didnt take Jackal cause attack speed was way easier to cap, even without hungering void proc, because of squad tactics maxed while i didnt invest much in vindictive flame on the pyromancer, so i felt like Bat devotion was an interesting option.
And yes, i could totally put an arcane spark on the WB aswell, but you know sometimes you are, how to say, hmmm lazy ? :o

Once again, feel free to adapt what i suggest here to your own tastes, this aint a real “guide” but more a build “showcase” imo, so any advices, ideas are welcomed as always and i hope youll have as much fun as i did playing with those evil chaos chars :cool:

reserved for some reasons

wow look amazing. I imagine what damage would be with Void-Touched rings.

Damn son, those DPS. :cool:

Looks pretty solid! I think the xpac will boost this one hard, cause it is very hungry for Skill and Devotion points.

Have you though of wearing Belgothian’s Carnage as Relic and Direwolf Crest as Medal? This way, you could keep the procs up close to 24/7. Or will you lose too many Skillpoints this way to make up for the dmg gain?

well i didnt honestly, i guess it can be done and ill have to try for sure;
but also i must say, the procs arent needed all the time.

anyway there is something to try here for sure

I have a similar build but with some different gear choices.
Have both Witchblade and Witch Hunter and Pyromancer variations but my Pyro is way different and the setup you presented here looks a lot better if i were to compare.

How would think of a setup like this?

Maybe some other choices can be made but I do think Bloodlord’s Blade way surpasses Masters Spellblade. I think double BLB could be even better but i tried to keep it slighly legit.

And your ring choices definitely dont seem legit or logically droppable either and who even has Stonehide + Kings treads :smiley: still havent managed to craft after a couple thousand tries.

i prefer Master spellblade for the RR, and even if some nice roll on BLB is sure a weap of choice, it will still deal some flat physical that even if can be converted a bit in chaos feels like a loss of potential dmg to me; fang of chthon + spellblade is without doubt the “easiest” way to go imho. with some specific rolls on BLB you can get more dmg output, but that blade is a pain to farm, i first farm for it back when working on my chaos WH but ended on spellblade of the abyss at the end.

About MIs and double rare in general, its all about months of farming, you never get what you want basicly, but you stack all the good/decent rolls, youll need them soon or later, agressive of alacrity wouldnt be the best option, actually void touched is sure better than vampiric for example. btw the common items in the two chars are the same, aka switching from one char to another needs to switch some gear aswell.
Trust me, when you dont have a job you have the time to drop those rolls, but i dont think its something that you wanna be envious of :o

Yeah, it’s just a matter of time and RNG, as always. Might be 10 Cronley runs to find an, for example, an Incorruptible of Alacrity, or it might be 1000.

As for the procs: More damage never hurts. :wink: But the question is, are the sacrifices made worth it. Too bad I just recently specced my DW Pyro into a full Ulzuin’s Rifle guy. Won’t respec him again soon. But your setup makes me curious though.

I have sank around 1.6k hours into GD and prob a bit more than half of it was effective specific MI and 85% Challanger and 15% Glad farming and as far as i know they have nerfed or changed it now but back then i could easily get at least 2-3 MIs each out of a full run of 4 resets. On top of my focused MI farming but rarely got rings with these specific rolls.

Thats why i assumed this build also got some help from stash tools just like 90% of the high tier builds in this forum. Nothing wrong with it.
In the end everyone does bit of fantasy item arrangement when making builds and Grimtools defo makes it easier now.
I wouldnt want to fend off your hard work if you took your time to farm those MIs, just respect. I guess i am luckier on BLB and other MI weapons department since i got a lot of BLBs, Warden, Kilrian, Cleavers etc.

I would still go with the dream rolled BLB say like Demonic + Abyss, less but you still have your flat RR. For rings lets assume we have 2 Demonic + Solael Malice cronley signets :smiley: (which would also cap elemental res). Definitely a loss of OA but replace Skulls with Arcane sparks to make up for it as much as we can, AS sits around 180%+ but procs would still push it to 190%. Reallocate some skill points, put CoF in 5 and Vulnerability at 15.
Do you think this can push 180k dps with full procs lol ?

crucible aint the best way to farm MIs imo, gladiator speaking, if you are looking for specific items; except nemesis shoulders like benn jar or valdaran that can be a pain to find; but others are faster to find in main campaign imo; anyway im not fan of crucible in any case so … if i go crucible its mostly to check the potential of a build in this mode or just for the fun, or with friends.

but anyway, no i dont think you would reach 180k on paper, it would mean that you simply double your dps which i dont believe its possible even if going full offensive not giving shit about res and DA.
But to increase dps, cause yes there is room to increase it even more id go more with void touched rings, and would still try to cap attack speed (with hungering void up), vunerability at 15 wont help that much since it doesnt debuff on chaos (that would be so OP …) but it helps on vitality and fire, but fire is minor in this build thats why i didnt maxed or overcapped it, since we need so much skills points.
still you could take off points from blast shield to grab bit of DPS here and there but aint worth it imo.
also a BoM with +5 fire strike would be nice in this way to go
but overall i tried to balance the set up, so its actually capable to down big encounters without major issue, thats why mark of divinity is here, bit more than 2K DA isnt much and thank god we have high ADCTH.

Les than 100k dmg and 3k OA, you should delete imho :stuck_out_tongue:

JK, good job and keep them coming :slight_smile:

i know right ! shame on me !
seriously couldnt get above 3k without loosing some bleed res … :cry:

Yea I know, bleed is pita, mine was on 59 % iirc.
Bdw you should put scaled hide in pants, armor bonus applies on slot where is attached, you have more than enough armor on shoulders and you get hit there lot less than in legs :wink:

oh yeah true, damn i didnt paid attention to that at all :eek:

Btw, what Fabius and dummy killtime do these builds have??

Thanks for the subtle shoutout in the wb varient section, Klank sends his regards.

i must admit im not into kill times, it bother me and i dont have a good way to calculate it since a cant make vids; but anyway to give you an idea on fabius, i done many runs and i usually i down him shortly after his BB, maybe its possible to kill him before BB doing an even more agressive set up avoiding some resistances not needed against him, also to get the best time its a bit tricky (not that much but still) since youll need to make proc abominable might just before engaging him, also it wont proc on dummy since its 100% chance on enemy death so about dummy, i just didnt checked, but i believe it would be around 35 secs ? i have no idea honestly, ill check it maybe sometimes later.

Np man, tried that devotion set up on your set up already ? should work good aswell

Ok :slight_smile:
What about aether melee build(s)??