[Chaos Fire] Lokarr's Flame Bolter - Doom Bolt Pyromancer

This is a build based around an MI that drops from Gargabol. Since it doesn’t exist in the game yet I had to test the Fire Bolt concept using Bloodsworn Sigil which is basically doing the same thing as that MI.

How does the build work when the MI doesn’t exist?

Don’t sweat it, in truth you can make this work using only Vitality to Fire items. Although the MI isn’t picked for the conversion but rather for the flat damage it adds to Doom Bolt.
Now Bloodsworn Sigil’s flat bonus isn’t as high as Gargabol’s Gun but it’s still a decent amount imo.

Why dual damage types?

Honestly I hate going this route but since our conversion doesn’t get rid of that useless Chaos damage we have to use it as well. Fortunately Chaos-Fire is decently supported in gear and devotions so it’s not an issue

What about Grim Fate?

That weapon isn’t something I’d recommend even if your primary focus was Fire based Sigil caster. The damn thing is useless and inferior in every way to Warpfire or even Blazeheart. Grim Fate’s conversion is pretty low and it doesn’t give any ADCtH boost or even any significant damage boost to Sigil.

What about Time Dilation?

Didn’t test TD Fire Bolt with this particular setup tbh. So can’t say for certain but imo with the amount of CDR and HP regen we have it’d be a waste to not pick Dying God. Also the OA and Chaos damage bonuses help us a lot since we have two damage types
Although part of me tells me TD is superior :frowning:

Bloodsworn Build vs Galgabor build?

I can’t speak about an item from stats alone. But my experience with my current build tells me Galgabor’s MI build should be slightly inferior to this one. As you’d loose out on your second nuker - Blazing Charge and loose out on very valuable RR from Warpfire.
The setup I theorycrafted around that MI is much safer in that it uses MoD. But lately I’ve been having a lot of playtime w/o any CB so I won’t exactly call CB a solid advantage

Enough talk…GT time

Grimtools (Theorycrafted Gargabol’s MI setup)-

Grimtools (Field tested Bloodsworn Medal setup)-

In Closing-

This was surprisingly fun to play then again which Doom Bolt build isn’t :wink:
Chaos Lightning, Blazing Meteors and Flame Torrent filling your screen is a very pleasant sight.
I had fun with this build and hope you guys do as well.


TD seems better than DG, not sure tbh since I am getting inferior kill times though TD is at level 1 :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll update the GT link soon, I also have something else in mind and I am hoping I’ll get to update TD setup along with the other thing I have in mind
By picking TD you loose chaos damage bonus, roughly 200 OA and 40% Crit damage. But you gain 2x DB and 2x Blazing Charge, also your BoD and BS cooldowns get 6 second reduction helping your defenses.


Taking my Coke & Popcorn :smiley:

Reserved for the future

Sorry, man.
Still waiting the thread done :stuck_out_tongue:

So… You’re making a build thread w/o the thread part… for an MI that doesn’t exist yet… :rolleyes:

sounds like you are pretty optimistic about finding it :wink:

Seems he’s decided to replace it with Warpfire :slight_smile:

Something needs to be said about your naming sense :furious:

And your intro sense as well. Chaos-Fire-Chaosfire? What next, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen?

Seriously though the Gargabol’s version is only theorycrafted for now. But at the end of the day theorycrafting around it is what helped me discover the current build so in a way an item that has yet to appear did end up helping me :smiley:

But of course the moment it’s added to the game, I’ll farm the fuck out of HoTW to get his MI :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there’s pretty good reason for it, the original build is actually based around one of your skills. I backed up the original version mid-testing when I discovered this concept and used this copy to make the current build. When that build’s read it’d be added to the second post of the thread.

Don’t over exert yourself, otherwise you’d make that peanut inside your Demi-God head explode

Well, gotta make do with what we have right?

Btw, guide updated. Inform me of any typos or anything

You confused gt links.

Fixed it thanks

All we needed is a new pistol with fire/chaos damage
Wow, I’m impressed, devs.

I have always wanted to make a Pyromancer utilizing BWC + SoC and other stuff and happy to see you executed it pretty well.

How are the damage spikes and sustain in general?

Tbh, it’s still untested to be more specific I am still undecided b/w TD and HV.

I can only comment on the HV setup. I am not sure what you mean by damage spikes but for sustain I can say that I feel comfortable not using a CB