[Chaos Melee] The Burning Void - Chaos based Cadence Witchblade

That setup is theorycrafted so I can’t comment on it. Personally to me a 3pt investment seems to costly so I didn’t go for it
The main thing here is if Blitz is even the place I should be investing or not. If yes, then those 3 pts would be needed for conversion otherwise I might take Blindside to get more DA reduction.
For the S&B version despite the additional WPS those extra 3 points aren’t worth it. Had it been a 1 pt investment I’d have considered it

If you have the weapon feel free to toy around the skills and devotions.
When I get Obsidian Juggernaut I can test it out myself

I see your point, for S&B isn’t really worth it.

My witchblade is level 71 and I’m using Blitz and Chaos Strike (from Riftstone) with Aeon for leveling, and it’s very fun and fast. I’ll post my impressions after I can wield the mythical version of the mace.

I can test it with Non-Mythical version tbh but I am not sure the results would be reliable.
So let us know how it goes for you

Keep us posted dudes. I’m fan of OJ, and currently on “[Witchblade] OJ, the Chaos Tank” build, but wouldn’t mind to try something new.

Hey, cool build! But I don’t understand one part of it.

I’ve tried building a chaos witchblade as well and went 1 in Solael’s Witchfire and 12 in Second Rite. You have done the opposite here.

Whereas for a vitality witchblade I’d go 12 in SW and 1 in SR… and I’ve a feeling you’d do that the opposite.

What am I missing? Why not invest in the skill that gives the highest %chaos damage? Is that flat chaos damage from SR that good?

You get flat Chaos damage and attack speed from Solael’s Witchfire. You can do the math if you want, but it’s pretty reasonable to assume that +100% chaos damage that you get from Second Rite when you already have +1400% chaos damage is almost useless when compared to 121 flat chaos and +18% attack speed.

Even if you ignore the flat chaos damage, that +18% attack speed roughly translates into: 0.18*(1400+100)% = +270% chaos damage (I’m assuming that your attack speed isn’t capped and that attack speed scales linearly and doesn’t have diminishing returns).

Yes it is

The rest has been explained by Ksajal

Thank you for the info!

That kind of explains what I did wrong on mine… and will help when I build a battlemage.

I also understand now why I saw all those +flat type of damage on various devotions that I thought was useless. Turns out it’s not that useless :slight_smile:

Very cool build, thanks.
I just tried the 2h version and it’s fun ( but maybe a bit squishy).

I have a 2h Chaos Witchblade build which I theorycrafted the other day which doesn’t use any greens. Might give some ideas in regards to gear and stuff:


It has less armor but 5% more physical resist, pretty much the same OA/DA, higher resists via Avenger of Cairn, twice as much Life Steal, slightly higher attack speed, 20% less +crit damage, higher +% chaos damage, more health, and slightly different devotions.

One of the big things that I think will make this build strong is the usage of Korvaak’s Deception with 2x Voidheart, which should make blazing charge pretty ridiculously strong.

I use bloody pox instead of Sigil of Consumption. In my experience I’ve found Sigil’s damage output to be pretty meh. I’m only using Pox for the massive OA reduction, it’s a similar skill investment for better return, I feel. (Black Death’s chance to confuse target may also be nice in certain situations). I invested in Blindside instead of Blitz/Vulnerability for the massive DA reduction. I invested in squad tactics instead of Deadly Momentum for more attack speed, though I can see how Deadly Momentum could be a good investment to respec some points into. Resist reduction appears to be identical, though Malediction might proc more often then Black Star, depending on enemy DA.

EDIT: investing in Ghoul instead of Fiend feels like it would make the build a bit safer to play by providing an extra circuit breaker https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZorvQlV

EDIT 2: Respecced some points into Deadly Momentum for a fairly large sheet damage increase: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyvxQwN

That version might change once I get the weapon

-The 2h version is still untested. Blood Pox is indeed a good option. It’s a contender to Sigil. Sigil wasn’t picked for its damage but for its ADCtH. You cast one at the beginning of the fight and let the ADCtH do the trick. When I get the weapon I’d need to which is more valuable (Pox vs Sigil)

-Avenger of Cairn is always a solid option for Soldiers. If you want more defense go for it.

-Ghoul’s importance can only be determined once I test things:D

Welcome back, Chthon)

Thank you :smiley:

Just know that flat damage only effect weapon attack, or skills that use %of wapon damage, while persent damage effect everything that use this type of damage

how does the 2h version perform in crucible? i actually have everything needed to make it and have wanted a 2h character

For crucible you should get Dying God and Abomination constellation for any and all Chaos build you play.

Not picking Abominable Might skill for a Chaos build in Crucible is a waste

Only if you ply with shield like your build. For DW sadly it’s DA whoring with gear/devos. After testing Belgo and Dw chaos cadence you need very high DA for 160 and 170. Just the way things are in crucilbe at the moment

Huh, that’s weird. I thought that sweet flat damage would buff your offense to the point where offense becomes your best defense.

So did I. and it can burst even harder than belgo. But you still can’t really dispatch one nemesis before they all rally together. Sadly 4.2K DA is the (bitter)sweet spot. i’m done with Dw in cruci for now anyway. It was just an idea to try out the DA nonsense meta and as far as flat dmg DW, it’s the only way to do it reliably

will this build work with a dual wield setup?