[Chaos Melee] The Burning Void - Chaos based Cadence Witchblade

FEEDBACK THREAD FOR LACK OF DIVERSITY IN CHAOS MELEE - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67351

This save has been restored to what it used to be (Chaos WB) after AoM made Aether WB cheap gimmicks by adding impressive support for Aether based Battlemage and DeathKnight.

Screenshot (with Blood of Dreeg, Deadly Momentum, Shield Wall and Hungering Void)-


S&B Setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23wxG72

Theorycrafted Setup for 2h Cadence - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28adQeV

>I lack the Obsidian Juggernaut setup to test the latter.


Have you considered Warborn Helm or Darkblaze Helm?

Yes, Warborn helm is slightly better than Ekket’Zul’s helm. Darkblaze helm is inferior to both as you loose out on valuable plus skills when you equip it.

Warborn Helm> Ekket’Zul’s Helm> Darkblaze Helm

Any alternate gearing that can be recommended?

Using Iron Maiden’s shoulder MI and Mythical Doomforged Breasplate is an option if you do not have or do not wish to use Warborn Set.

Why isn’t Manticore included in the setup?

The Malediction Relic besides providing Flat damage also gives us valuable Flat RR. It certainly is less than the value that manticore provides but it’s good enough. Not to mention this allows us to take more valuable defensive constellations such as Targo The Builder

Is Time Dilation crucial to the setup? Is there any alternative to it?

I wouldn’t call it crucial but since you lack CDR to keep up Hungering Void almost all the time it is what I’d recommend. Of course one could drop Aeon and Targo and get Obelisk of Menhir for the Stone Form Damage absorption skill.

Why not use Abominable Might?

Abominable Might is an excellent in fact a mandatory devotion for Chaos builds who are attempting the crucible. But since I rarely play the crucible I do not use it. In the main campaign the On-Death activation makes the skill borderline useless. However in the crucible I’d recommend on to go for it.

Why Bat over Fiend?

Honestly, both of them are good. For more DPS i’d recommend Fiend, I went with Bat cause of the ADCtH on the proc. Since I have 50% Pierce>Chaos conversion and Vitality damage bonuses it’s pretty good.

In Closing-

Credits to mad_lee for reminding me that Soldier mastery has WPS :smiley:

If you are interested in Dual-wield Chaos Pyromancer and Deceiver check this thread out. Also, if you are interested in a Full Darkblaze set build be sure to checkout korsar’s guide.

Overall this build is extremely fun to play and as far as S&B builds go this happens to be my favorite one. Hope you guys enjoy it



Also for flat chaos. That amulet’s modifier convert all flat acid to chaos, not only BoD itself.
Nice work, always glad to see new builds from you!

when you drop by the forums occasionally to see what’s going on because you don’t have time to play, then see a nice chaos face smasher build

Second non-aether build in a row.

And it’s even chaos. What’s wrong with you today?! :confused:

lol right, nice gear choices, ill have to try this one aswell damn

Yeah ofc
I was short on time since I had to write up two feedback threads so just mentioned what wasn’t too obvious (Malediction’s RR is often overlooked):smiley:


What movie is that from? :smiley:

I can’t decide whether I should post another one and if so then which one. I have aether concepts lined up as well but I want to post a non-aether concept

Btw, Ekket’Zul’s helm looks abnormally big.

Airplane. One of the best comedies of all time.

Couple of questions:

  • Why no Eldritch Gaze?
  • Why no soldier WPS?

Hm interesting one. Maybe I steal some equipment ideas for my gun cadence chaos WB :smiley: Thanks for posting it.
BTW, couple ideas from mine build that can fit yours

  1. Empowered Devil’s Grin as more offensive shield option
  2. Fleshwarped Pauldrons as an option for unluckies that dont have pretty BoM
  3. And Mythical Black star of Deceit then for medal: chaos dmg + RR

12k HP seems really low. I mean one retaliation aura attack by MQ, and you’re ripped with that little HP. If you make one mistake, you die. My DK has 20k+ HP and MQ’s retaliation aura attacks were consistently hitting for 15k+, and that’s if I made a mistake and attacked just 1 time. You’d be 100% ripped on this build. If you can tank MQ on this build, I’d be very surprised. Same for Grava.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking your build or anything. I like seeing people do something different. And I might test it out later on.


-Is there something that make Eldritch Gaze better than Ekket’Zul’s Helm? Warborn Visor is better but Eldritch Gaze seems worse since I loose plus skills to soldier
-Honestly, I forgot about Markovian’s Advantage’s existence:p

Btw, do Amarasta’s Quick Cut, Zolhan’s Technique and Belgothian Shears still have an animation delay?

-Empowered Devil’s Grin being less defensive is why I didn’t go for it :smiley:
-Either those or Iron Maiden’s Shoulders
-BSoD feels unnecessary since I have RR from Malediction

14-15k with DK is enough :smiley:
I am assuming you aren’t aware of how her aura works?
I can facetank MQ without breaking a sweat, care to guess why? If you can then you will figure out how her aura works;)

Grava is doable cause he has low chaos resist but I can’t facetank. I mean I have to side-step constantly to avoid fumble and nullification. I am not sure any melee build can facetank him cause of those gimmicks. Side-stepping against him is recommended

I was working on a very similar build, glad I was on the right track.

One question though, why Time Dilation? What CD do you need reduced?

Hungering Void, Shield Wall and Overguard
Since Chaos S&B lacks CDR unlike Aether builds we are dependent on Time Dilation

I have Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut and I would like to try your build (the 2H version).

I do have a question, though. On both versions you didn’t take Consecrated Blade (Solael’s Witchfire modifier). Why is that? You have more +% Chaos Damage and -% Chaos Resistance than physical.

He already has 100% phys to chaos from gloves.

I thought that cadence conversion only affects the 3rd strike, the one with the increased damage. Meaning the two strikes before it are not affected by the gloves modifier. Isn’t that how the Discord Cadence modifier works? Am I wrong?

EDIT: Even if the gloves affect every attack, and not just every third attack, there’s the flat physical damage on Blitz (for the 2H version) that might be worth converting.

You’re right, only 3rd hit affected. First 2 strikes are too weak though, even for this 3 points investment.

I’m talking specifically about the 2H version.

Average damage according to grimcalc, before any conversions:

  • Mythical Obisidan Juggernaut: 420 physical
  • Deadly Momentum lvl 15: 109 physical

15% physical to chaos conversion for the weapon: 0.15*420 = 63 flat chaos damage two out of three hits.

15% physical to chaos conversion from deadly momentum: 0.15*109 = 16 flat chaos damage every two out of three hits.

Average chaos damage per hit: (63+16)2/3 = 792/3 = 52 flat chaos damage every hit.

Average chaos damage every Blitz: 0.15*406 (Blitz flat physical) + (63+16)*3.25 (Blitz weapon damage) = 60 + 256 = 316 flat chaos damage every Blitz.

Isn’t that worth 3 points? I’m genuinely curious why it isn’t, because to me it seems like it is.