Chaos RR for chaos builds

Hello guys. If I am not wrong, we just have one skill to reduce chaos resistance (Death Sentence from Word of Pain in Inquisitor class) and I’m minding if devs are thinking to apply it in another class because I think that “only one chaos skill RR” nerf chaos builds. If you stop to see, you find RR from all types in at least two classes, but chaos there’s only in inquisitor: only one font. Please give your opinion about it, maybe I’m wrong about my thoughts, but I think is quite viable, probably occultist or arcanist should have a Chaos RR skill for make at least this kind of damage fair with others, sometimes it seems the worst kind of damage in the game… Ty.

Ive been thinking about the same thing for a long time. I think occultist should have chaos RR, bound to Curse Of Frailty (it seems it has almost all RR except Chaos /s) or Possession.

You can get chaos RR from items with skill mods - from sets, from weapon, amulets (this one or this) and etc.

Also there’s chaos RR to Hellfire Mine in Demo skill tree.

Chaos RR to Curse of Frailty have been discussed many times. I personally supported it but at this time of development am confident that ain’t gonna happen.

But there’s RahZin set adding chaos RR to Frailty. And one weapon too.

Possession can’t posses -RR. Pox can .

As for Arcanist - not every skill allow to support skill mod with RR. :frowning:

I think the point wasnt that you could get it from items, but nearly no classes have natural Chaos RR.

A few updates ago, they actually reduced Chaos Resistance on a lot of enemies across the board. So while Chaos RR is harder to come by it also doesn’t need to be as heavily present to try to take.

That said, Occultist does feel like a natural fit for Chaos RR but because of the above, I’m guessing if they added it, they’d have to nerf it somewhere else. Also Occultist already has one of the best RR reducing skills in the game, add Chaos to it and I don’t think other chaos builds would be able to thrive.

Ah, I forgot Demolionist - it have a Chaos RR. But i don’t know, it still seems very nerfed compared to another types of damage.

Chaos RR is less abundant on skills and more on items. Seems legit. If everything/every -rr is the same, variety is lacking.

Maybe they could change vitality RR from from occultist for chaos RR. So demolionist could have another RR. Physical damage is one of the most OP type of damage and have on 3 classes. Actually I’m using Deceiver Void Soul set with Ignaffar flames build. Everything is alright, 3k DA, 3k OA without buffs, lv24 Flames of Ignaffar and 23 the three sequence. Even with Word of Power debuff and devotion done right the damage seems poor… Or the skill is nerfed, or Chaos damage is not that all. Debuff chaos RR is 25% in word of power, and I have Fang of Cthon for more debuff.

This would be a big nerf to vitality builds.

I completely disagree with you. Did you forget Shaman huge vitality RR and Oathkeeper too? WIth Occultist they are three. With Necro we already have four. So 4 x 2, vitality builds get OP compared with Chaos builds. Exange Vitality RR for Chaos RR in Occultist seems very fair to me.

But most popular classes for vitality casters are Conjurer and Cabalist.

If you want to sub something, why not bleeding?

Good point mate. Could be bleed. Seems more fair yet. Trickster and Warder are more used to bleed builds. And now Oathkeeper have bleed RR. Occultist is the guy to put a chaos RR. Most chaos builds will do some combo with him, and all with the Solael skills makes more sense yet to me.

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Still a nerf at the end of the day and vitality Occultist builds would have to be compensated.

Vitality also needs RR much more than Chaos because vitality is made with low damage and high resistance enemies in mind. So Vitality gets big RR values to counteract that.

And chaos main issue isn’t really RR, it needs more damage on its skills. I have chaos builds with -120%+ RR and the damage is still average at best. Sure, increasing RR increases damage, but they would have to increase it to ridiculous numbers, while bumping the damage does nearly the same thing without ridiculously high RR numbers.

I see your point mate. The good thing is to know than not is only me to see chaos damage is not that all. Have nice chaos sets but they can’t shine enough because of it. I think relocate bleed RR from occultist to chaos cold help a bit? It seems worth to try. And as I said before, I only mentioned vitality RR because we have 4 classes than provide it.

They reduced chaos res across all enemies two patches ago. Also one of if not the fastest single target dps build is a chaos build. If a chaos build sucks, it’s usually not due to lack of RR anymore.

Adding chaos RR to Oathkeeper or a small amount to curse of frailty/vulnerability (more than 20 at soft and 30 at hard cap would be too much imo) could still work nicely.
The transmuter of Oathkeeper’s Guardians could swap the bleed RR with chaos RR on celestial presence.

“The transmuter of Oathkeeper’s Guardians could swap the bleed RR with chaos RR on celestial presence.” - Heck dude, didn’t know that. That changes all about voidsoul set… e.e

It doesn’t right now, but it could be done if the devs wanted to.

Oh, understood now. Sorry, my poor english mistake me. Still a good idea.