Chaos, vitality, aether

Does spirit increase chaos, vitality, aether damage?.

from the guide:

Improves the flow of energy into your being. Every point of Spirit increases your magical damage by 0.47%, magical duration damage by 0.5%, energy by 2 and energy regeneration by 0.01 + 0.26%. Higher Spirit also allows you to meet the attribute requirements of caster armor, implements, caster off-hands, rings and amulets.

The damage types affected by Spirit are: Fire, Burn, Cold, Frostburn, Lightning, Electrocute, Acid, Poison, Vitality, Vitality Decay, Aether and Chaos.

Ok another question, how do you increase critical damage from magic attacks

There are 2 ways to increase Critical Damage:

  1. Increase your OA or use skills/abilities with DA reduction (such as Flashbang).

Doing this increases your PtH (Probability to Hit) which in turn can cause you to go into higher crit thresholds. This depends on your OA and your enemies DA so it is not static. Details on this can be found in the Game Guide here (simple) and here (complex).

Just be aware that increasing OA has diminishing returns so it can actually be detrimental to increase it to ludicrous levels as you will be sacrificing bonuses to other stats. At a certain point what you will want to then turn to is…

  1. Increasing your % Critical Damage.

This directly adds to your base crit damage from whatever crit threshold you get from your PtH and it is by far the better of the 2 ways to gain Crit damage. However, don’t neglect 1) as you need OA to crit a decent amount in the first place - there is no point having tons of crit damage if you cannot use it effectively.

The rule is that when you have a good supply of OA that you start looking for sources of crit damage.