Chaos witchblade questions

Hello fellow GrimDawners!

I am playing a 2H melee witchblade and I have finished almost all quest on Ultimate besides Morgoneth.
I know that if I would paste my build via grimtools it would be easier to show what are the problems in my build but I really want to figure it out by myself :wink:
Basically I’m using Touch of Chaos (from Rah’zin set) as my main attack but I have doubts if maybe Chaos converted Blade Arc have bigger potential? I have tried Blade Arc but it eats energy so fast that sometimes I did not even have cooldown on potion back when I was totally out of mana :smiley:
So using BA would need a bit deeper changes in build.
I know that Rah’zin WH is great glass cannon build and I’m wondering if Rah’zin WB is viable as auto-attacker as well ? (although I know it won’t be that “meta” build probably and it probably would have to be more defence oriented as it’s impossible to reach that kind of DPS with 2h Chaos)
I would like to finally finish SR 60-61 or maybe 65 on Ultimate with the build that I have not received any help with and need to ensure if It is possible for my char. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for replies and I hope you are all healthy and safe !

you could do it as an auto attacker with touch of chaos but it wont have very good aoe or resistance reduction but it will still perform fine and should be able to do shards no problem. Maybe something like this

Thank you Ymiraku !
My setup is quite close to this one :slight_smile:
I have to experiment a bit with devotions as I tend to take Ghoul not matter what, but I guess it is not necessary

Here is my 2H chaos witchblade, pretty nice CC resists I use Touch of chaos just for 20% rr

@Ymiraku usually people do not use Markovian WPS on 2H builds, its pretty bad.

It does look interesting Malawiglenn, a bit more defensive approach (devotion-vise).
I played relatively long time with Cadence and damage had high spikes but in few situations it’s unreliability did let me down (lost HC character at 81lvl :smiley: - probably my skills also have contributed :stuck_out_tongue: )
I think that I have to learn to make peace with myself when I’m abandoning Devotions which looks like “must have” - speaking of Ghoul and Abomination.
Both builds are using Tenebris as weapon - Most of the time I am using it as well but for few hours I am trying to see if Obsidian Juggernaut can be used in similar build. It is missing AS and leech but skills to solider, - %rr and nice raged/shotgun ability for crowd cleaning seems worth trying.

TY for sharing your builds guys !

yup 2H melee cadence and then you get fumble on you and you basically only leech life with each 3rd… some RNG can make it very hard to sustain

yeah i know markovians is bad but its still DA shred… i really wish they improved it for 2h

Blindside man