Character Conversion

Sorry if this is already been highlighted but wondering what will happen once AoM goes live. I have been leveling an occultist pure to 60 looking forward to second mastery. will my char have to go back to veteran to do new acts? will i have to have a shower after fighting LOG again?

You can only do the new expansion content at the difficulty level that you have killed Log, but if you’ve already killed him in veteran, you won’t have to kill him again. If you’re level 60, I assume you’re still playing in Elite, so you will be able to do the expansion content in Veteran difficulty but not in Elite until you kill Elite Log.


I really wonder what this means though. For example you can easily collect scrap and iron and start off with Act II, effectively skipping all of Act I.

So I am curious if this means if only certain quests will be locked out or does it mean the entire area will be locked off, kind of like in Act III where Infested Farms is unplayable until you rescue Ulgrim or Act IV where Fort Ikon’s gate is closed till Creed arrives there

You can only start the expansion when you finish the Bane of Cairn quest.

Whelp, looks like it’s something that’s up-to me to find out for myself :smiley:
Thanks though

The expansion area is blocked off until you kill the Loghorrean. Before that you can’t do anything to get there.