Character Reset Respec Redo Er I changed my mind options Clarification

The Ashes Of Malmouth Page

states that you can

“Reset Your Attributes and Mastery Bar - Find a new type of potion that allows you reset your Attribute Points. Speak to a Spirit Guide to unlearn the Mastery Bar down to one point.”

just want some clarification that we can only CHANGE our Attribute Points and NOT our Masteries, correct?

You can reset mastery bar points but not the mastery itself.

Norzan is right! but I want a new type of potion that resets a player’s memory,… cuz admit it nothing beats the excitement that one gets from a blind playthrough :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope we can craft the Attribute Points Reset Potion AND/OR Transfer it, hate to only be able to find it and on the wrong character :cry:

as for the memory thing yeah no kidding, what i wouldn’t give to selectively erase all my Star Control 2 Knowledge and Memory and see an unknown Icon sitting on my Desktop for a game i have never heard about called Star Control 2 : The Ur-Quan Masters.

would be pure Nirvana

this reset attribute potion should work just like the purple devotion potion from nemesis… I don’t think you can brew one… and pretty sure it can be transferred, correct me if i am wrong.

You called?